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Monday, June 21, 2010

Our 6th Month is nearing...

And i still can't believe it...

It's not because that I don't love you,it's just that i could not believe that i could last that long in a relationship...


The 6th Month marks Half A Year...So what if other people thinks "WHAT?ONLY SIX MONTHS?"

Let them think what ever they want to think...

Like i always say..."Asal?Tak dapat kan??"


By the way Baby,some nostalgic pictures!

The first time i met Izzaidah Bte Kassim



She confessed to me that she was unsure of us at that time, well Babygirl, i was unsure too...But look at this picture...


Do you know this picture?

It was the night that i asked you to be mine...

And look at where we are now!



So what if you listen to RnB and i listen to Metal?

So what if i think Justin Bieber is Hot and you think he's not?

So what if i dress like i just got my clothes from the dump and you from some designer boutique?

I am who i am, you are who you are...

You will never ever get me to wear other pants than jeans...

I will never get you to wear leather pants either...

But I can stop arguing too much,and you can stop asking too much...


Like i say,you can't change the way a person live their lifes,but you can make it better..

I Love You Izzaidah Btw Kassim

*apa awak pikir bli baju mcm bli nasi lemak ke lau sedap bli due bungkus?

I swear that i have a funny father in-law...

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


As each day pass

And you’re growing older

Seeing the sunshine


I’d like to make you smile

Oh yes I do

Its’ a very special day



And you know that I’ll be wiping away those tears

Like I always do

And you know that our love is so unreal

Till I can’t believe it too


I’m not your knight in shining


Nor am I the man of your


But you know how much I love you


Till I prayed so hard

Filled up with tears


And you know that I’ll be wiping away those tears

Like I always do

And you know that our love is so unreal

Till I can’t believe it too


Girl do you really know how much

I Love You

Even through the bad times

I’ll be standing there by you

I’ll cherish all the good times

That I have had with you

Don’t you worry now

Cause I’ll always be with you

Ending Verse

And you know that I’ll be wiping away those tears

Like I always do

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

6.08 PM

Typing away to this lifeless blog of mine...

6.10 PM

Staring blankly into the screen...Such a daze...

Just a few more days to the Sit-Down at City Hall.

A Merger we shall not agree, for we are made by mutual trust and understanding. The five pillars were erected. Each of them agree to one motion,"The key to survival is not by standing alone,however, to stand as one."

A pillar crumbles soon after it stands.
For a different path it took.
The four bid their farewell.
Hails for it shall not be the fallen one.

Another pillar soon has its cracks.
For it does not respect the law and obligations of the counsel.
Plastered, however, its cracks could still be seen.
When it shall break, no one knows.

The Joker, The Warrior and The Loyal One are all thats left.
Their followers still loyal to them.
For when the Sun shines in four more days.
The three shall look into a new era of ruling.

Obviously i'm bored.


No really.

So i just wrote 'something'.

Sounds like Lord Of The Rings aye?

I have a question.

If King Arthur DID rule once a long time ago, why were there no actual records nor facts to say that the Legend of King Arthur and his Knights were actual fact than plain myth.

Alexander the Great.

William Wallace.

King Arthur.

Salahuddin Nayubi.

Richard the Lionheart.

Hang Tuah(Deleted)


Ok officialy bored!

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