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Friday, September 29, 2006

3 days after my birthday,and Dila wants to split.

Haix,i must the unluckiest bastard.What went wrong i don't know.
Fariz say she accepted me cause she never had the love for this one year,and
accepted me without thinking,now,i'm the one whom had to pay the price.Haix.

But she's one girl that i'll fight for again,no matter.
She's Fadillah people,my heart and soul.
She's the one i talked about with you guys out there.
The sensational princess,the queen on my life.
She's the one,that's why i'll continue on fighting.
No matter.

Dila,if you're reading this right,i'll leave you alone for this time being,
need to concentrate on my N's,but i'll be back honey,i'll be back,and that's a promise.
I'll be back here,waiting for you,ain't the same without you anymore.
No more happiness in my life.
But i won't give up honey,i won't.

Adam's Theory,
Dila N' Maan

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Kegelapan bermakna siang
Perpisahan bermakna persatuan
Jangan kau senang berputus asa
Kerna ia hanya memudaratkan mu

Aku tenggelam di dalam lautan cintamu
Jadi aku tidak akan melepaskan ikatan ini
Setiap kata yang terucap,setiap nada yang tercipta
Hanyalah untukmu,satu,tidak terpisah

Tunjukkanlah sayangmu padanya
Cintamy padanya
Redahmu padanya
Dan jangan putus asa

That's what i wrote at MSN Space.

Dila and I are seeming to go apart,but i won't give up.I will show my love for her and i want that to change her,if i can.

I really love her,really do.I'd give everyting and anything for her.Haiz.Won't talk much though.Still shedding my tears,eyes becoming red now

Adam's Theory
Dila N' Maan

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hey,it's been awhile since i blog,haha.
Hmm,well,besides from the thorn apart family,me and dila still going on
But sometimes I do worry,yes,worry,not paranoid,that whether
everything is the truth or a lie,but hey,I must learn to trust right?
Haha,oh well,I must learn that,haix,i'm just so worried
that we might be apart.
For once,I actually wanted to do anything for my girl,i mean,more,haha.
Oh well,I don't know,but maybe I'm an old fashioned gentleman?Woa!
But yea,I do,do courtships,not just bursting in someone's life
like that and labelling myself a 'Despo',haha.
You guys want to know why I am always worrying bout Dila?
Cause that's when true love really lies people,that really is true love
for someone.
You'd check on them to see whether they are thinking about you,to see
whether they are having a good day or not,whether they are
okay or not,that's when one person really loves
his partner,and I do,Hehe.
Okay,till here now,got to go,catch you guys later ok?Hehe
The bands' name changed from Twisted Vines to Adam's Theory
Adam's Theory,
Dila N Maan

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hey!Haha,it's 5:23pm now,hehe,
just came back from an outing with my honey
and her lil sis,want me to tell it?Hehe,ok.
Finish my class at around 11:30 am,then head home,
bath,check hp,check on Boi,Boi was suppose to follow but
he was SLEEPING when i was already in the MRT
heading towards Yishun,Boi Boi.
Haha,then Syida said to meet that at bus 39 and I
was like,huh?Haha,the last time i went to Yishun
interchange was to meet Hands Of Fate to jamm,ahahakz.
That was like a year ago.
Oh well,then met the girls,went to take 969 to go to Tampines Mall,
then got this old couple that Dillah was laughing about as they really
dress like zaman2 a go go,and the wife is like so fierce,haha.
Then while on the way,Dillah was tired so she rested her head
onto my shoulder,awww,ahahakz,I was like ok,but i made the wrong move,
I didn't supported her so she was like swaying here and there,haha!
Then reached already,we got off,and i explored Tampiness Mall,ahahakz.
Then the bag incident made me laugh like shit!Hahakz.
Walked again,and walk,and walk,and walk.Haha.
Then they need to go home,its ok by me,even though just about 2 hours
i'm fine with that,at least dpt lepaskan rindu.
Haha,sent her home in the bas and we needed to stand!Ai yo,ahaha.
Then she leaned on me,i was like ok what should i do,took me awhile
then i put my hand behind her,ahaha,slow a bit today..
Then put put put...home..ahahakz..bye!
Twisted Vines,
Dila N' Maan

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hey there,it's about time i update here.
It's a week with Fadillah now,and i am about to write
why I love my Fadillah here,to show you guys,
to appreciate more on your girls.
Fadillah told me that I was paranoid about the love that we had,
i admit i was paranoid,cause she never did reply
most of my SMS,mostly just waited me to SMS her
then she would talk to me.Her blog isn't updated,and
people thought she is still with Haikal and all,but people,
don't let that misjudge you ok?
Why did I ask Fadillah to be my girl?
A thousand words,a simple meaning.
She cares for me,does not gives up on me,
would want to be with me,doesn't looks down on me,
loves me,makes me happy,always there for me,
cheers me up,doesn't let me down,
helps me,and most importantly,
she really did showed me that she loves me,but I was too
blind to see that.
There's no need for SMS to show that she loves me,
no need for updated blogs to show that she loves me,
no need for assumption to show that she loves me,
no need to give me Love Messages to show that she loves me,
Guys,open your eyes wide enough,
Fadillah,she,she is one person,whom gives me the aura
that says I'll Love You,no matter no SMS
being given,there's no need for her to say that,
because she shows me the love.
What better way to SHOW the LOVE then SAY the LOVE?
And in all,i'll show her my love too,i'm really in love with her,
my friends can see it,and she can see it.
Till here,be more appreciative of your partner ok guys?
I Love You Fadillah,
Twisted Vines,
Dila N' Maan

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hey there,Rosewood here,haha.Hmm,what shall i blog today?Nothing much actually guys.

Oh well,let's talk about the Cok Kendongs.I just hope they'll stop what they are doing now,its not that i want to control them,but what they are doing now won't only affect their physical state,but mentally too,thier way of thinking and all that.

It's not easy you know people,especially when they are your best mates,haiz,oh well,told them and hope they'll stop soon,getting more and more worried by the day.

For Dillah,she's going to Tan Tok Seng today,she has infection or something can't recall,hope she's alright,wanted to send her but her mum's with her,you know,she doesn't want her mum to know bout us first,so it's ok by me,i can see her mum anytime,hehe.

Something that Zams' mum said kind of made me think,she said"Mak Cik da lame tk npk ko ngn zam,da tk rapat lagi ke?"
She meant it in a good way,cause i am his best bro,so i don't know,zam had been with hanging out with the School Band lately,don't blame him,well,our friendship kind of works differently,haha,but oh well,at least he's still my best bro.

For Syida,you take care aites?You Mr Romeo will come,just relax aite,you're still young,can still find,hehe,you pink vespa?Errr,i don't want a vespa,haha,just catch me on a Honda bike,ahahahahakz.

It's been 6 days into my relationship with Dillah,and i've grew so much love for her more then ever,got to know her sister,Syida even more,haha,Syida is there to talk with me whenever her sister is busy,yea but i'm the one whom seem to help her!Haha,she's one cheeky girl too and very BELO!

For Dillah,nothing could replace her,nothing,so i'll do anything for her,for now,all i want is her to be good in her studies,and to make her mum proud of her.Hehe,love you baby.

I've got to go now,see ya!

Twisted Vines,
Dila & Maan

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Monday, September 11, 2006

9th September 2006,we were a couple,hehe,while you guys were busy sleeping,eating,watching television,Mr Rosewood and Mrs Rosewood were announce to be a couple.

Haha,all this while,Fadillah thought i was talking 'admired to' was another person,when i broke it out to her that it was her,did have a reaction going on.Haha.

Thankful that i got someone whom i actually can love more then just a couple,but i could love her more as she has the most significant thing any guy could ask for,with her,i felt complete.

We share the same interest,music,we have the same ancestors,both Arabs,we even have the same attitude,that i don't know much but yeah till today i see much similarities,hehe.

She seems to love me,for who i am,not for what i am.I'm really happy,cause she's mine,i really am.My friends comment that after having her,i really changed,i'm not the guy whom seems to only smile when smiles are given,laugh when jokes are made.To them,i smile,for the whole day,i laughed,to the lamest joke,hehe.

I guess i really am happy to have her,hehe.Waited for years,well actually 2 for the one whom is like her,and it finally came.I don't know how long we could go,i want to go long,let's hope it'll go long.Haha.

Gosh,there's so much in my head about her,it seems like all i can think is about her,never did happened to me before,i must be really in love then.

Oh well,less then 2 weeks to fasting and i better start to save up.Going to buy a Bolero for Mrs Rosewood,17 bucks,its fine by me,just want her to be happy,hehe.Oh well,2 weeks of not eating during recess won't be a problem.

Let's see what's there to be used with my expenses:
Oh yea,i used up 10 bucks approx. on my EZ-Link,so i have to top it back up cause it's my dad's money with 10 bucks.
Need to buy my honey a Bolero T-Shirt,17 bucks.
Need to top her EZ-Link up another 5 bucks.

Altogether it would be 33 bucks.Ok,i could go with that.Hey,like my mum always say,try to think like a husband and your girl would surely be happy.Haha,my mum and her nonsensical marriage dialouge.Haha.

Oh well,N Lvls' another 2 weeks and i must be studying real hard for it.Can't wait to hang out with my buds after the exam,and hang out with my dearest.

She already told me to come her house during Raya,haha,will do honey.You come to mine too ok?Hehe.Oh well,since her mum knows me,i won't shake that much,unless she dislikes me,haha.

For me,i prefer a girl that her parents respect me and i try with every girl that i have to get to know her family well.Hehe,so that i won't be the bad image in the mum's mind.

Oh well,the love bug did really stink me hard,haha.Got to stop here now,or you guys wil lget bored.I'll leave behind a poem i wrote to Mrs Rosewood.

Sudah lama ku didalam sepi
Mencari cinta di realiti
Akhirnya engkau menjelma
Membawa cinta

Cintamu sangat ku hargai
Dirimu sangat ku sayangi
Kehadiranmu sangat ku idami
Kesayanganmu sangat ku ketahui


Its been some time i'm alone
Finding love in reality
Finally you emerged
Bringing love

Your love i treasure the most
You i love the most
Your presence i want the most
Your love is what i know of

I did this while listening to some love songs,i'm a guy whom loves to make love poems,hehe,that's wat all musician needs,a poetic mind.

Twisted Vines,
Mr Rosewood and Mrs Rosewood

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

kwang kwang kwang...abg rocker is back!haha...hmm...today is thurs...lemme explain wat had been going this week

On mon sat for my mly p1 and p2 n lvl paper...was quite ok..haha..then go makan with pie n zam at mac...after that went straight home...

on tues...sat for listening mly and ss paper...was quite ok oso!haha...then went straight home...hehe...

then wed...wke up at 7.30...wanted to be early for chem remedial..but then follow fifie and pie go eat first..haha..then came into class at 10..haha..left at 11.40 or soo...hahaha...

went home...open com for awhile...then msg mad all that coz wana go out with the band....then izah msg saying she want someone to teman her go city hall bfore the guys come cause she wanted to buy things for her bro...on the way there met nazreen...haha...that guy cool ah...rambot da panjang...pi kentot!siak ah..sebla aku!haha...then met izah at JE...haha...then went to city hall straight...we to marina square first..then suntec..tk jumpe jgk!haha..then met the guys back at city hall...the yishun mcm biasa kecoh while me and izah in front not so kecohing..haha..haha

went to the basement first..waz wanted to buy shirt so is mad...me and izah went to find her bro's things there...when we got back to the guys..they still searching!!adam oreidi penat sat one corner...haikal become bell boy carry the bags for the guys..haha...then me and izah continue searching..came back..still!!!there!!almost and hour!!!they search!!ai yo!!haha...same kedai plaktu..hahaha

then went to find new effects...the abg pandai ah...the effects quite good.but i'm not so sure..coz it's 150..too cheap..takot cpt rosak...haha...test2 then tell the abg if can jz try to keep..haha..buat mcm kwn..that abg pon mcm loyar burok slalu..so i os loyar burok..da ketawa2 satu kedai..haha...

then mad was hungry...that guy always..so went to eat at long john...waz didnt bought anything..so gave him one of my fish...haha..biasala..maan ni lau mkn luar tk bleh byk2...nanti munta...haha...

then went to esplanade lib..take2 pix there..then kene mrah ngn makcik psl tk bleh amik gbr..haha...izah went home first...then the guys all lepak for awhile while some of them buat hw..haha...
then da bis amik2 gbr kat luar..kimek mcm boy band siol!haha...

then we went our seperate ways...in the mrt i was standing all the way..peak hours mah..aha...then at home bobal2 with fadila...she seems to have probs...so yea..me mase tu tkde pape nk buat tlg la...then at around 12 like that she cam online back..this time a lil cheerful..hehe...then she gave me some of piana songs...i'm so in love with her and her piano songs sia!haha...then she gave me one she played..in return i'm trying to play with my guitar...but manage to get half of it ony..haha..now rest2 la..ai yo..hehe...

well till here ah eh..tired ley..haha...t/c peeps!

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