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Sunday, April 23, 2006

here i am...crying...haiz..not because i'm gay or wat...it's because its the first time i've really lost a best fren..not only that..he doesnt see what good things i've done for him.haiz..its really sad..fiz,if u're reading this...yes...u're my best fren..but when u say nainna is the only one close to u....my tears flow out of my sockets...haiz...ppl dun think stupid..it's not thta i'm in love with hafiz..i'm not gay..its just that i've lost a fren..who i've help..whom i've know..

it doesnt take years to know a person really well..it's how many thoughts u have....tears are really flowing..haiz..

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Friday, April 14, 2006

heyyo!!!haha..today is a saturday and kinda bored..yesterday good friday..so went jamming with my new band which name is still no no yet..haha...

those who turn up were all except rif who was sick at home..haha..get well soon man..haha...at jamming..i ony took 10 mins to sound check..first time!!haha...mad had problems with his gadjet and was usign les paul for his first time..haha..

we played sweet child of mine...and it was ok ok ah....my guitar too high..haha..mad guitar too low....
but it was cool!!..hahaha

overal i shuld say adam have powerful voice jz couldn't control..haha..mad has the 'sentuhan maut'..ahaha..waz is still the crazy bassist..zam jz keep quiet for the first time..haha..me well stil lthe same guitarist...hahaha...

today the second day my sayang tkde..so kinda bored..not kinda..very...miss her sia...haha...i lvoe her u know!!!hahaha..okok la...i gtg..bye

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Friday, April 07, 2006

hey...i know loads are wanting to hear about my life and wats been going on..haha..my long absense and short post are leaving some wondering..haha


my music life:
after hafiz left Brave Regiments..it was down to me,zam and kecik...but to me,life has shattered...i couldn't go on bcoz the believer has left us...so it's like no use going on..i wanted to give up my music carrer..seems to be stupid...but someone told me...it's no use turning back now...and...it's hard to find people like u....and that guy is mad...achmad to be precise...haha...tanx man...tanx to waz too...coz they accepted me into thier band...which is still untitled bcoz i went in and they decide to change the name...they too accepted zam in coz they know that me and zam have been into different bands for 4 years unloosen...he's my best bro so yea...

the new band consist of me,zam,mad,waz,rif and dam...these guys are great guys as they really rock..and the new rock band is what i've always wanted....a rock band...band who rock like ACDC,motorheads,poison,bon jovi,guns and roses and many many many many many more...

talentime auditions flew past me a few days ago...my band was the 2nd last band to be auditioned..it was a skool event...so i had made a temporary skool band...it was cool..still me and zam...with alfian and munirah...alfian was the first sec 2 in history to be in this thing jz like us...well second time in history..first were made by me and my previous band...well talentime was great...so many potentials...hairul and bahrudin came back to see thier followers rock..and that was me...yea...i didnt make it tru auditions...but heck..i wasnt sad..y?bcoz a lot of peepz told me that i rock the stage..my song was great..coz it was compose by my fren but i did some changes coz he was my ex guitarist..he made the lyrics..i reorganize them and put in rythm...utha say it was fucking infair..but its ok...to people out there...remember this...Rock Isn't About Winning,It's About Putting Your Belief And Passion In It...

and good luck to those who are going for the finals...

for me and safura...yea we're great...she really loves me..i could see that..haha..it's the first time i see a gerl fall for me so like that one..haha..i really love her too...tomorow,8/4/06 is our 1st month anniversary...hehe..taking her out...haha..cannot tell u guys la...later follow ony..ahhaa..okla..it's 12.21am...i wana sleep first...

keep rocking people!

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