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Monday, March 27, 2006

hey all!!!hahhaa..my absence from this blog is a nuisance as no readers come anymore!!!hahaa

well my life now allthe best!!!safura my ayg loves me like hell!!!hahaha..and for ana...yerpz...eventhough ur my ex,u will still be in my heart aitez?u're not forgotten...fura...jgn marah...haha...lolx...


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Monday, March 13, 2006


things are ok now...now jz my problems are my family...always in havoc..haiz...but things will turn out ok...

the song, Everything I Do, from Bryan Adams is for Safura..my love..hehe...today is the 6th day of our relationship..haha..she is my darling people!!!hahaha...

love her to the core....ok la...so bored..wana hear some songs...adios..

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Monday, March 06, 2006

sorry bout the song..when i'm depressed i listen to this songs...coz i was once like them....

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haiz....hey guys....fuck....life is so meaningless now...so many problems....lost my close frens....even forgoten by them....such in a shit now....jz kill me la!

i'm so stressed out...so worried....so depressed....how could i have done it?haiz....told a fren of mine to fuck off....told my fren to die himself...such an asshole...padahal bro aku sendiri...fuck......

i dont deserve this at all....BR is like breaking apart....haiz...dun want it too...its hard to find close members....so stressed out....

jz fuck off la people...leave me alone ah...peepz jz dont understand....

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Half The Man I Used To Be,A Song By Nirvana.
Kurt told himself that,he thought he could have everything,but he didn't.One day,he was found dead in his house,in a pool of blood.Rest In Peace Kurt.

Listening to Eamon,I Don't Want You Back.I know,it's funny for a rocker like me to listen to other genres especially this but it's nice.Not refering to you nana. She started to talk to me yesterday.I really missed her.Farhana,i still love you.Like what i said two years ago.It hadn't changed girl,and you're the girl which no words A-Z could describe.Remember that sentence?Two years ago i told you that and i still tell you that.I don't want to interfere girl,you have Sid,but if you have any problems,girl,i am here.

Love seems blind But really?
For some Yes..
For some No....
Most of us thought love
Is something
That you could push around
But love have thier limits
Love isn't blind
Because you have becomes it's eyes

You beautiful diamond eyes
You sweet sugary smile
Your lustrous face
Love will find it's way
Around us
Around whoever believes in them
Because love is what i believe
And you should too

A poem dedicated for Farhana,and Liyana,whom has been by my side all this while,Thanks Lyn.Best Buds!

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