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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just read Someone's blog.

Hey...I can't give you answers...
Life is full of questions,and we have to find the answers,if we don't,we'll never have a good life...

Ok,let's not talk about this people...

"Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely,i will never know if love's a lie"
- Blackie Lawless,W.A.S.P

Nothing much to blog about though..Nite!

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Finally!After days of trying to get into blogger!

But now,there's nothing to blog!Hehe


And it was effing nice!Omg...I need to do it again!


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Thursday, June 18, 2009

16th June,had barbeque pit with HA(Juniors)!


Finish my performance at UCC at around 4.
Went home and bath,packed and headed out again aroud 4.30?
Called Armand to check on my supplies,turn out there was none!Hahas...
Wanted to call Crow,but remembered he was in ______...Hahas,can't reveal to anyone about this,only certain people know...

So in the end,called up Fiq to tell him that there was no supply...
Headed to Jurong East MRT to buy a pack for them and picked up Sayang(Not Official Yet)...

Met Sayang around 5.30,she's on time!I like that!Haha...
In the MRT,things we kind of awkward,cause as some of you know,i'm not a physically-abled-boyfriend!Haha!!!

However around Outram Park,there was a seat beside her and i sat down of course!

Around Bugis then i held her hand!Haha!!!!Damn i'm like Mr Francis!Haha!

Reached Tampines around 6.30 i think,called Fiq,he told me the directions,lazy arse,told me in the first place that he wanted to pick me up!Oh well,more time with Sayang!

Reached the pit around 7 i guess?
Saw HA and a few of their friends,Mr Alvin,Ms Lee and Mr Alan...

Sat with Sayang on a bench...Need to spend my time with her as she's going off around 8.30...

Acap,Taufiq and Shafiq were all laughing and cheering on,i'm like,ok?Hahas!

When Sayang went home,that's where the party started!
Took some satay!Sat with the guys under the pondol for some sisha!
Then off to Changi Village to buy some more food!Haha!

At around 1 and 3 am,few of us went to Changi Village to find some bapok,not to fuck,but to see what their nightlife was really all about,BORING!

They have real nice and huge assets though,however their voice can totally break your hard-on in half!Haha!

The guys bought some booze,Malibu and Jim Bean!The smell,authentic!
However since i don't drink,why not?Haha!
Crazy!I was tempted like hell,however,i've got a bigger sin to repent on...

The whole of HA drinks,ok?Haha..
Acap,Nabila and me just laid in the tent talking crap and having racist jokes!Haha!That guy is a hell of a joker!

Pack after pack after pack after pack!Count how many!Hahas!
By 5,i was drunk...
Drunk with packs and laughter!
I was talking crap!Haha!

By 6 plus,most of them headed home..
By 9,only 5 were left!
Wanted to lepak with Fiq,however was to lazy as i haven't had my sleep yet!

Messaged Sayang,she was also in bed!Haha!
By 12 i was already at home!Slept all the way till 7.20,cool or what!

Had the greatest time with Sayang and HA...
Something Fiq said touched my heart...
"Kau sorang jek dari HK yang kiter bole click"
I thin i'm finding my way back to my old self...
And yes,HA wanted to click with HK,however most of the Juniors are shy...Don't know why...

However,Thanks for the Invite HA!Really enjoyed my time!

My first impression of Fiq?

Mat Drug,Mat Rep,Puki nyer jantan!


Great friend,always there


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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A few years ago,i completed this song,Sentuhan Kidal by Man Kidal on guitars.
Just a few days back,i tried playing it again,and i couldn't.
Really lost touch on my guitar...

To Someone,
I'm sorry for all the harsh thoughts,sayings and assumptions...
Maybe i'm so mad at myself that things didn't work out the way we wanted it too...
Yes,i still love you,however i'm vowed by my words...

I still remember the time here we had an arguement just because i'm getting a bike license.
And the time where your mum was thinking of inviting me over for dinner at your place.Hahas...

I can't just leave Someone...
I can never leave her...
Even though we're not lovers,she means a lot to me...
Even though she likes kicking guys in the part the truly hurts,she's different...

We share our thoughts,and we open up to our hearts content...
Heh,remember the time where i called and your mum answered?Hahas...
Someone,we may argue,fight or even hate each other for a short period of time,however,we can never go our seperate ways...
I know for me,i can't and never will...

I miss eating Mee Wanton at the MRT!Hahas...Too bad it's not served there anymore...

And yes,i'll never be in peace,if i told you to leave in peace...

*I still have your Holy Scripts*
Still cracks me up though,thanks...

Yesterday,i open up to Mimin about something that i'll never open up to anyone else...
It's about something so sinful that people wouldn't believe i'd do it...
I'll not tell anybody anymore,cause it'll just make them shove me away...
And Min,thanks for not changing your perception of me bro...
It isn't a waste if i'd died for you bro...

If i were to go bro,promise me you'll take care of my family for me,and i'll do the same for you bro...

Love You Bro!

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Friday, June 05, 2009

To Someone,

There's no use talking about all this arguments anymore,cause we'll just end up tearing each other apart.

Shrinking,avoiding and all,is nonsense...
Cause i've been tracking your life since the day that i've stopped waiting for you...
Somebody gave an oath to me to watch over you and keep me updated...
Don't know what you've been through?I've seen your life,most of the times,you conjure the problems your ownself,and then blaming on HER.

I still recall you swearing HER and i was so mad at that point that i just hung up.
You don't even remember half the things in our past life.
You kept all the stuff that i gave you to another person.
Your number is still one of the 3 free outgoing numbers for my line.
And have you wondered why i kept quiet all this while?And why is that somebody still watching over you?You don't right,and i've told you before,Change,Before it's too late,or you'll repeat the same mistake twice.

IF you THINK that I treat you like a DOLL,and not REGARD you as a CLOSE COMPANION of mine,erase me from your life.Like how you erase all your past.
And Sorry,but this is you 2nd mistake already,i gave you ample time.
Don't blame me for not telling you what this is all about,this is your life,you should know where the problem lies.

And as for me,i'll leave you in peace.
You don't have to worry,which i know you wouldn't, about my sickness anymore.
And yea,whatever it is,the person who is watching over you will tell you if i'm still breathing,or not...

If this hurts,it's because i'm writing down the facts.

And just to tell you,you're the only person who i share my life with.
And it truly hurts to the brink of ending my life,knowing that you think i'm not being there for you anymore.
If i can sustain your antiques for a long time,why can't you.
I don't understand it myself.

Adib told you something that made me tear in my eye...
It was during that incident where you were in a park,and i called you...
If you can remember what Adib said,think about it,and ask yourself why he said that...

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I need to go back to my old ways...

The old Maan...
Why have i changed so badly?
I really need to control IT,before i lose IT!

Enraging fumes hold me down
Before penetrating wounds sear a frown

Think you're a guy,you can just lay your hand on anybody?
To Shikin,he may be your loving boyfriend,but after what he did to you the night before talentime was so unbelievable, and you still have the guts to protect him by saying you fell off a bike?Wake up my friend!

And to my brother Min,don't waste your time landing your hand on that guy.BUT if he lays his hands on you,i'm behind you.*Tangan da lame tak melayang*

I'm being mad at myself,cause i'm seriously losing it!
Damn!I really need to be at peace with the world...
Oh God,forgive thy sins...Forgive thy past...I truly am sorry for what i've done...

And to Nyssa,that friend of yours,Izzat?or Izat?If he lay his hands on you,call me straight away,i don't care if i'm having classes or not,i'll run to your class and give him a piece of my mind!Seriously!

And girl!You paitao me 3 times already!Get ready to amend your mistakes!Haha,and yes,you can call me Luqe.My readers,don't even think of calling me other names than Maan!

Need to ammend my past,and fix my future.
I've made a promise to you,and i'll try to keep it.
For now,i'm not the person who you can trust.
Cause i'll just stab you right in the back.
Fury has taken over me.
And I feel as though revenge is the sweetest thing.
To make others suffer for what i've been through.


*I need toilet rolls*

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