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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

hi....well...Hari Raya was not the best part of my life this year...
lemme tell u the story that happened yesterday...
at 7.30,i left home to go for Hari Raya prayers...there...i takbir will full emotion..
cause it's going to be a very sad Raya for me...i kept playing Black Dog Bone's song of Raya in my head,such a sad song...
it finished around 9 am,and i didn't went home...i sat at a nearby block..
there..i smsed both my parents..saying i'm not coming home till they settle thier disputes...meaning i'm running away from home.

so my mum smsed me back saying i shuldnt do it but i replied that they are the one who cause me to do tis..then she called but i didnt picked it up...my uncle called me but i didnt picked it up neither...sat under the block for an hour an a half i think..

my mak ngah,my dad's sis sms me saying i shuldnt do it too..but i ignored her..then a suprising sms came...my kakak..kakak salwa...gosh!..she sms me saying to go to her house and dont do anything stupid...haha..i was like..omg...my long lost sister!suddenly smsed me...i was like happy bcoz i finally get to meet her..but still sad of the situation...then went to her house at teck whye...saw my kak along,my oldest sis which i knew coz i've seen her before...then saw my kak salwa n kak aini...i see a lot of similarities though...kak long n me...love to eat lontong with just seronding...and kak aini or baby loves to make up and melawa...same like my lil bro..always wana look hensem...then met my mak tiri...i still dunnoe the reason to my dad's divorce with that woman...but i was surprise to see this old lady smoking?omg...then met abg sam n abg hadi..my brother in laws...cool...kak salwa hubby dunnoe wat happen...i think divorce...i THINK..

then mum stopped sms,so did my uncle...then kak hariah called...i accidentally picked it up..it's mak ngah's daughter..she's close to my mum...she said shuldn't be doing this but wat shuld i do?!...then cik KB called me too..my mum's best fren saying bla bla bla the same thing...
then we all went to mak ngah's house..saw dad there...

jz made like nth happen..then he called me into the room...we talked a lil there..he's one stubborn man...told him to see my mum but he just wont..there i cried lik i never cried before....fuck....then my sis came so did my aunt comforting me...fuck la!...then i smsed my mum i'm coming home..abg sam send me home with his bus...there we went to mama's house,my mum's sis since she was there..
kakak all follow me up..see mum...she was in the room crying..then i was...dunnoe wat to do..just put my head on her shoulder then she hugged me saying n crying that she didnt want this to happen...at least she's crying!not like my father!fuck....

then i pity my lil bro coz he got no one to raya with...then kakak talked with my mum for some time then they need to go as the bus is still down there...my mak tiri tk naik..there we departed...then went to raya..

ok raya was not that fun but i had some laughs...it's a sad raya...haiz..
got 108 bucks altogether..got no idea who gave 20 bucks in one packet...think abg hadi or abg sam..nta...

hope this would be over soon...bye..

Adam's Theory

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Hey,today is a sunny day to update..haha..

oh well..today is 21st Oct,Happy Deepavali!Haha...

On 17th Oct,Nizam,Sabrina and me went to Bugis and City Hall
to celebrate Sabrina's birthday.
The first thing was waiting for Nizam to show up,an hour later he was there
with his smiling face!Haha,Sabrina was totally fired up!Ahahakz.
Then we went to Bugis and i bought a new pair of shoes!!Wee!~Haha.
We walk here and there trying to find the Gas Haus where Nizam and
Bandits will be performing soon.
After that we went to eat at the famous Nasi Ayam stall at Bugis there,haha,the last
time i ate there was last year with Hafiz and Iskandar.
Then we walked all the way to Esplanade and there was a funny incident there.
We just cam and sat down,and this Mak Cik came to us asking how was the
show?!!We just came!!?
Sabrina was saying the show that attracted her was the colour?
Nizam was looking on stage and he only saw three colours,brown,yellow and red.Was that colourful?Haha,Nizam too just go with the flow but i didn't.I said I just came and she says nevermind and continued the survey which didn't require the 'show' part.
Then we walked out of Esplanade and went to the 'Beach' of Esplanade,haha.
I went to bought Cola and Honeydew Juice while the two went to the beach.
Sat there,and it was beautiful.Nizam was oppressing Sabrina and it was quite funny,haha.Then went home but sent Sabrina home first,then Nizam and me went home.

Ok,on 19th Oct I was suppose to go play pool with Nainna,Safwan and Hafiz to celebrate Nainna's Birthday,haha,but was cancelled by the birthday girl herself.
Pratically didn't did much from Wed-Thurs.

On Fri 20th Oct,which was yesterday,Raffian invited me to go jamming with Creep Valentine,his band.There was some communication error and i was sort of piss off with them,but it was okay in the end,haha.
Met them 3pm sharp,ok 2 or 4 mins late and went straight to room 3.Raffian
wasn't there yet so they just jamm and Azri sang first,got to say his voice is not so nice but his guitar works are impressive.
For one,thos guys are rich i guess,Azri has an Epiphone guitar design like my Gio Gax 70 and he has a Jekyll and Hyde effects which totally rocks.
Fadil i THINK the name is plays the lead and his fingers are really fast.His guitar of which i'm not quite sure but his multi-effects got me running wild,It's a Boss ME-50!Mad's favourite effect and it was awesome,the sound is so sweet,Haha.
The first song they played was Master of Puppets by Metallica,then some Avenged Sevenfold songs.Raffian came 10 mins before ending time and i paid 10 bucks for them to have another hour of jamming.Raffian i should say could gore his voice,but it's just that his voice is too high pitch.I played a little guitar at first,didn't know the lyrics so didn't sang along much.
But i aired Death Massacre and told them to harmonise,haha.That song is my favourite and it was composed by Saiful my ex-bassist and me.With that,I think it made a headline to them that i'm no ordinary Rocker,haha,i can do gore voice too.Then sang some Avenged Sevenfold songs that I just knew some of the lyrics and some parts was commemorated by them,hehe,i think it was Unholy Confession or I Won't See You Tonight Part 1 that i sang and they cheered,haha.
One thing's for sure,Creep Valentine sure rocks my day yesterday.

3 more weeks before Adam's Theory resume its' jamming session.
And Sabrina,sorry for the harsh time yesterday aite?Was a little worked up and hope you forgive me,really,MSG!Haha.

Ok till here people.

Adam's Theory

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Hey!haha...Rosewood here...
hmm...what have i been doing?
hahaha...life is great now...doing this hairstyling course
which is very very tiring..haha...
hmm...now exams over...kinda bored....haha...
Today is saturday...planning to go play pool with my bud...and go
buy myself high cut shoe
17th Oct going out with my dearest loveliest Sabrina!hahaha
me and her 8 years you know...8 years of frenship
hahaha...really long huh?ahahakz..
going to celebrate her bdae at esplanade..kwang kwang kwang
it's been like a couple of months since i last saw her...
haha...going with ju too..ju didn't actually
talk to me coz she doesnt like me last time...haha
so now we talking talking talking..ahahakz
ok..hmm..19th Oct i'm going to play pool at arena again...
this time celebrating my ex-pool crew bdae...
yea...those were my group..the pool and bowling gang..
me,nai,syah,mat and wan going..
haha...mat and wan both syah's ex...so funny
haha..will be great to meet wan again...been a year
or so since i last saw him..haha...he's a nice guy..
i'm not gay ok!hahaha...
oh well...guys!news!my hp is being taken coz bill booom!hahhaa...
anything jz leave a msg at msn with ur num coz
i dun memorise ur num...haha..and i'll contact u!...hahaha
Adam's Theory

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Whoever 'Shut Up' is on Dila's tagboard please,
don't interfere.And please,tell me who you are.
What occured between me and Dila is nobodies business.
I am the one to be blame,not knowing with whom i was going
to have a relationship with,not knowing how to take care of
my own girl,till she found someone better.
So please,don't interfere if you don't know.Because of you,
i was to be blame,so please,don't.
If you really want to do something,tell me who you are,
don't go around accusing Dila ok?
Let me take the blame.don't blame Dila.She has
her life now with Najip and i'm happy ok?
I'm out of her life,she has turn her page,so should i.
So don't go around bull-shitting Dila.Cause i'll
bull-shit you back motherf*cker.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hey,Rosewood here updating again.
Found out Dila is actually dating another guy,in the midst of our relationship.
I don't get it you know?She hate backstabbing girls of my ex,she tells
me that i shouldn't be this way,but what the hell is she doing?
This is where my Paranoia was all correct,shouldn't have bought the stupid
ring anyway.
I don't care about the money!I care about the sacred trust and love,but she
threw it all away!I can't accept this.
She treats me like a doll!
At least Syidah is still by my side,she was concerned when Dila wanted
to break up with me,sorry Syidah,didn't know it would end
this way.
Oh well,what past is past,a reminder to self,'Don't Trust Anyone Easily!'
Dila threw away my future,a happy one,oh well.
At least i have my guitars who are loyal to me!
Adam's Theory,

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