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Thursday, December 28, 2006

hey ho!me now at my cuzzy house...

hmm..yesterday went to arena with band peepz and several none-band peepz..haha
gosh...didnt noe imran was gay..haha..jz kidding...we acted like a couple but as you guys noe i can't stand it being gay...so i just shok off every hands..haha..they had the fun of thier lives making people lifes miserable....

played a 3 game bowling...i suck ah when i'm tired..haha...then after that went to eat at Mac at PM...ate there..and we made a whole damn mess of the place...the place we sat was like flooded coz we play with the ice and the manager kept looking at us..haha.....then went home...walking with imran coz the rest headed other direction..haha...gosh imran is like 3 years in my skool but we never did really talk...come to think of it.....now i see that my sec 3 frens has became bigger..haha...with my own sec 4 frens is ony withing the NA class...lets see next year for sec 5...haha...

omg...my bill!!!i'm so scared it would go up up up!!!haha...called someone for 6 hours!!...damn...i'm so darn scared..haha...oh well...till here.

Till Now And Hereafter,
Rock-Et Rolls

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Friday, December 22, 2006

hey people!
jz came back from my gig!!!
22nd Dec!!!woo!!

4.30 pm gig!ahahakz...

the gig was great man!
people even request for another song!!!
motherfucking great!
played knocking on heavens door
and fall to pieces and everybody was like

then we played sweet child and even people request!!then we were rocking...

haha...we were even ask to play a last song and we played
death massacre....hahakz...okla..damn tired!~!..chaoz!..

Till Now And Hereafter,
Rock-Et Rolls

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

hey!..long time never update huh?ahahakz..
ok..wat've i been doing?much la..hahakz..

currently preparing for my gig..and omg..havent even jamm.15th dec must die die jamm..hahakz..

ok.i was an invited guest during Mr Sim's Guitar Appreciation Course,
3 batch,2 days for each.and omg i was like damn tired...from 10-3,then the last 2 days i cam like 8-3 n 8-6...

the first batch was ok la...but kinda boring...

the second batch is the noisiest...coz 5 peepz noe me...berliana,diyanah,shazlin,khuzaimah and ayu...gosh!
they were like laughing at me...coz i seem to be mispronouncing my words a whole lot that day...
the third batch was oso quiet..didnt came the 1st lesson...
and this gerl name juwika as u see on my tag board is a blur gerl...so i her fren iliyana...my gosh...mcm nk cekik2 jorang siao!

haha..okla..gtg..chaoz ah...slamatz

Till Now And Hereafter,
Rock-Et Rolls

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