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Monday, June 30, 2008

Please Forgive Me-Bryan Adams

You did ask me what would I do if I did something wrong to you right?I know you're mad even though you never really did say it...
I'm really sorry...

When You Love Someone-Bryan Adams

Yea,what he sings is really true...

God knows how much i'm missing you...

I'm just lost for words now...

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Haha!Gig was awesome la!!!!!!!!haha..

somebody told me that i was like Rob Halford...woo the Metal God who has a powerful voice but fortunately gay.haha...

i'm sooo pleased..but i still have a long way to go...haha...
life's been great somehow....heee....gota stop doing that..haha...

but i dunnoe wat to say actually...coz i'm constipated..gtg!haha

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hah!!!Finally Updating!!!

Ok so yesterday went to ECP to have a Rock/Metal Pit.

So woke up at 11.00,bath,then headed to Clementi MRT to meet Saiful(Geryon) and Arief(Bopeng) to accompany Geryon to meet his mum at NUS to take some cigarettes.There we met Saffie(Jin),and then we headed to Clementi again because Bopeng had to buy some charcoal and i went to pray for Zohor first.

After that,we set off!Haha...
It was a short ride to me,partly cause i was being a stupid fool with Jin!
I tried to re-enact as a possessed fool after listening to Black Metal songs!haha,cool!

When we reached Bedok,there was only Siraj,Wan(Perot),my baby Dzul(LOL!) and Ely Evans.(Ni la janji mlayu,janji kul rape,dtg kul rape!Haha!).

When everybody reached,we headed to ECP.

Once we reached the pit(byk pey dekat dgn Mac!),Bopeng,Siraj and me started to heat things up.Haha!The guys went to set up the no-good-for-nothing tent.

I went to toilet with Mun as she wants to change and i went to take my ablution.
Then pray for Asar and ate Chicken Wings after that!Haha...

Went to dip in the salty Singapore sea!Haha!

Went out the sea by 7.30?Haha..Ely stepped on something and we had to call the ambulance!

Ok so i continue eating Chicken Wings and some Meat!!!!!!Ok!I fetish for BBQ Meat!Haha...

Then we all sat under a shelter and talked about ghost stories...
Around 1,they stopped and Syadza called..Awww...Haha...Cause she say she couldn't call as she might be sleeping,but she did,was so touched!Haha..Like Ahmad always say,"It Touches My Heart,And Tickles My Balls"..Haha!But i was really touched by it...

Then went to Mac to buy something,but didn't cause I was reprimanded by someone,hehe...So i didn't.we stopped around 2+ as my Batt went out...

Then i spent time with the guys at the waterbreaker!haha...

We talked and played guitar...It was so nice!!!The atmosphere!Haha..

Then it came to 5.30 where i fell asleep till 9!Haha!Woke up and went home la!Haha!!!..

Thats all!!!

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