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Monday, November 09, 2009

Finally updating!Hahas!

Sorry guys, have been busy with my busy schedule.

Well, this is my 3rd week working in St Regis!
Damn it's fun...

Everyday, i wake up looking forward to be at work!Hahas!
The first week was dreadful though, DON'T ASK!

Well enough of work, let's talk about life!

Well it's true, someone once said that "Life itself is an irony"


However, i've been trying to amend my ways.


Amend and Repent.

I've learn that in life, never EVER return someone's hatred,ego,anger,or plain silliness towards you.

The best is to forget about their mistake,and never to repeat them.

Yes in the past, i've made mistakes to people,and some people have made mistakes towards me.

I'll forgive them for whatever they have done, and start over a new leaf.
However, for those who choose to return the way i've treated them against me,it's just a stupid decision.

Don't ever waste your life,please..

If i have ignored you in the past due to certain reasons,don't ignore me now as it will just make you,into me.(Reflection)And you are no better.

I've decided to stop all my nonsense.

I've decided to stop naming myself the victim.

I've decided to stop keeping all the hatred in me.

I've decided to stop blaming the world simply because it did not go my way.


I've started reading some old holy scripts, and history and have seen what brutality God has in favor for those who oppose him.

And that God still loves you,why?Cause He is still letting your lungs take in oxygen,to live...

I've also learn some of the basic things that people just overlook.

YES,You are required to pray 5 times a day.

YES,You are required to cleanse your body so that your Solat will be "Sah".

YES,You are required to take the Wudhu' before Solat.

These are the things that people are too focused on.

However, everybody overlooked this matter.

In order for the body to be fully cleanse, Istinjak is the main factor.

If you do not perform Istinjak,your Wudhu will not fulfill it's purpose,and neither will your Solat be "Sah".And you have just missed your prayers for the whole day.

Once,Rasulullah S.A.W was walking with his comrades where all of a sudden, he took some leaves to be placed on a tomb. His comrades asked,"Why have you done such action?"

Rasulullah S.A.W replied,"For the soul in this tomb is tortured,not because of which he didn't fulfill God's wishes,however,he didn't perform his Istinjak,therefore, i place these leaves so that the Angels would lighten his torture,until the leaves are crippled,then and only then will his heavy torture resume"

The simplest thing like cleaning yourself can make you suffer in the afterlife.
So ask yourself this, how much do you know of your religion?
Yes,i can be an ironc sometimes when it comes to this topic,however i imbed these knowledge deep in me,and the reason why you are always turning down and mocking me of these subject is because you know that you have committed a sin.
I'm no Saint,nor a Religious Teacher,however i've not forgoten on who gave me life,and tp who will my soul return to.

I thank my Mother for sending me still to these Islamic studies, even though some people might just laugh at me saying that,"You're still in Ngaji classes?Haven't you completed?You're too old for this"

The further you age,the deeper you need to dig for knowledge.

For Mercenarian's new original entittled, "Time"

You will realise how much meaningful the lyrics are.
Yes,i'm trying to implement certain religious value into my songs.

Here's a short stanza,

Satan is calling,
Commanding him venerate.
For the sermons decieved,
Manipulating minds besieged.

These stanzas have a greater meaning.Ponder over it.

I'm not afraid to be mocked by my fellow friends about this.
Because at the end of the day,you know of what is right,and what is wrong.

Angels And Demons is such a bore!haha!!!

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