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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It happened again...
Suffering from this intoxication...
Defying what others believe in...
Believing in a liar and lying to the truth...

Rather then putting a steel wall...
I've build nothing...
So that something could penetrate me...
And leaving the scar in...

"Finding Love In All The Wrong Places"
A line from Youth Of The Nation...

Maybe that's what i've been doing...

Someone said to me before, stop finding it, an it'll come to you...
I did, and it brought me back to the same place....Again....

No matter how hard i try, i can never be the guy who'll stop sacrificing...

At first, i had a crush on you...
However, i didn't want to fall for you...
A few weeks after making that decision...
Another feeling arouse me...
Everytime i wake from my sleep, I Miss You...
Everytime your number appears on my phone, I Get Excited...
Everytime when i'm alone, Your Name Is All I Thought Of...
So I wanted to give myself a chance, to try to at least, Love You...

We succeeded, however not officially...
We knew that we both Loved each other...

We shared it...We embraced it...

But now, you want to leave me behind...
With an excuse of going to London and maybe not coming back...
You always make an excuse when it comes to meeting me...
You always come home in the morning from hanging out with your guy-buddy...
You only, and ONLY reply my calls when the clock ticks at 10...
You NEVER reply any emergency messages...

You can go out with your friends, however not with me...
You have the time with them, however not with me...
You can call guys at night and plainly chat with them, however i can't...
You seem to be jealous over everything...

When you never did reply my messages,
I waited...And waited...Pushing all the stupid thoughts away, and just being optimistic...

When you always hang-out with your guy-buddy,
I push my jealousy away, because friends are way more important, and he's been there for you for so many years...

When I never even make any mistakes,
I Apologise, if i've hurt you in anyway...

When you rejected my opinion on going out together,
I remained calm and try to understand you...

When you made me angry,
I control my anger, and just ease the pain away...

What else must i do...

This pain that i must endure is too painful...
This path that i walk through seem familiar...
And this heart that i bring is to broken to be mended...

My eyes show my pain, and so far, only one person seem to recognise it...But why can't you see it...Why can't my own Lover see through me when a perfect stranger could...

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Miles Away-Winger

One of my favourite songs from Winger.Kip Winger still has his voice even after his band has long gone.

It's a long time since i blog!Hahas

Well,yesterday,woke up around 8.
After i've had my shower,i was just sitting in my room looking completely blank.
Went to pack my stuff and headed to SGH for my appointment.

Reached around 9.22 and registered straight away.Didn't have a long queue though.By 10 i was done.

Texted Nyssa asking where and what time are we meeting.She said that she'll finish her ceremony around 12.Damn girl,you got to check your hp at least every 10 mins for messages!Haha.

So i walked to Pearl Centre to grab some stuff,then took a cab to school to attend HPO Recreational And Events Meeting. -.- .....

Around 11.30,Nyssa told me that she's done with her stuff and i was shocked!Haha.So i called her and told her to wait for me at Dover Mrt.

At around 12 i headed to Dover Mrt.
While waiting,i was just staring at SP,again,staring blankly.
I was staring so much that i didn't realise Nyssa was actually standing in front of me.DUDE!Haha....

And yes Nyssa,next time,please wear proper attire yea?Haha!

So when we reached Bugis,we went to Nyssa's music school first,then we headed off to Hajjah Esah Cafe to have lunch.

Damn we're full!Haha...Nyssa had her first Plum drink in her whole life today!Haha!!!!!

After that,we headed to Mayuni Omar Music Cafe to have our desert,sweet!!!!!

So had a few jokes with Ain and Joe,then we headed to Sim Lim Square as Nyssa wanted to find a 8G Memory Card.

I swear to you,the questions she ask are so repeatative!Haha,poor Nyssa,next time,go record it then play!

So the cheapest memory card with a good brand is 57.90,correct?

After that,we headed to Bugis Village and did some window shopping.
Kind of miss doing it with my special someone after such a long time.

Then we headed to Parco Bugis Junction and continued window shopping!Haha...

At around 5 we headed home and poof!I was tired.

And yea,you're probably right,i've a lot in my mind that i've been hiding.
Cause i've like been staring blankly into this aimless world most of the time.
There's no real outlet to let it all go away for now.

Now,i'm too scared to fall for someone.
Let music be my company for now.

And Nyssa,that dedication stuff,go for it girl!
If i am the guy,i'd cry,that's so touching!

*BOO HOO* Maan loves to cry,haha!

Till Then!

*Irritating Kan?*


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