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Monday, July 28, 2008

Hatiku Ditenggelami Lautan Yang Penuh Kegelapan
Hidupku Dipenuhi Siksa Dan Hakikat Yang Tidak Boleh Diterima
Adakah Ini Sesuatu Cabaran Dari Yang Esa
Tolonglah,Ini Hanya Sebuah Persinggahan

Aku Tidak Larat Lagi Hidup Di Bumi Ini
Mati Tidak Mahu,Hidup Tidak Reti
Hidup Penuh Onak Dan Duri
Mati Penuh Kesunyian Dan Sepi

Setiap Malam,Setiap Pagi
Airmata Mengalir Tiada Henti
Mata Terbuka,Hati Tertutup
Pangkal Jalan Pun Terhenti

Aku Kenali Siapa Dosa
Aku Kenali Siapa Sejarah
Tetapi Tidakku Buat Teman
Kerana Kawan Sejahtera Adalah Keampunan

Kesabaran,Keikhlasan,Aku Buat Teladan
Tetapi Ke Tahap Mana Puncak Kemarahan
Manusia Tetap Manusia
Tidak Semua Benar Dikata

Aku Membiarkan Langit Ini Terus Mendung
Walaupun Cahayaku Tidak Menyinari
Aku Ikhtibarkan Dan Buat Pelajaran
Semoga Masa Depan,Tidak Dipenuhi Dugaan

It's all about hitting the right notes....Haha....When you're in the mood,you can write non-stop with these thoughts pouring out...

And for those who like it,I thank you for appreciating it.

Life for me now,urgh,such misery...

One after another...Another after another...Never seem to end...

Why,why,why...I can't seem to get the answer...

When i'm quiet,i'm to be blame,when i'm out-spoken,i'm to be blame...

I'm not refering to Someone here,i'm just saying for those who treat me that way...

Another poem is pouring out now!!!

Setiap Malam,Penderitaan Datang Mengetuk Pintu Hatiku
Setiap Malam,Airmata Datang Menghanyutkan Hatiku
Setiap Malam,Kesepian Menjadi Temanku
Setiap Malam,Suaramu Membisik Dihatiku

Aku Kesepian,Aku Keseorangan
Kemana Arah,Kemana Tujuan
Aku Hidup Dimata,Mati Dihati
Realiti Dan Fantasi,Kedua-Duanya Hanya Mimpi

Yea,as you can tell,i'm not feeling quite well these days...DUH!!!

Been days since i chatted with Someone for hours on the phone...
Exams....I still remember those times....No time for other things...Just Studies...
At least we chatted for a few minutes....

Eversince i met Someone,i learnt more things bout life....
Patience...The essence of everything...

Scenario 1 here:
Boy: Where did you went to just now?You keep dissapearing...

Girl:I was with A.He needed some company...

Boy:Company?Hey,there's a lot of his friends here,why must you accompany him?

Girl:Cause we understand each other and he feels comfortable talking with me...Are you mad?

Boy:Yea i am,i came to this party hoping to be with you,however you seem busy with A.It's been weeks since we met,and you .............(Conclusion?HEHE)?

As we see here,Boy isn't reasonable enough.
As we all know the conclusion!!!Haha!Of course they'll get into a fight.

Here is Scenario 2:

Boy: Where did you went to just now?You keep dissapearing...

Girl:I was with A.He needed some company...

Boy:I see,yea i heard about his problems,how is he?

Girl:He's coping with it...Are you mad?

Boy:Whatever for?

Girl:Cause we didn't met in a few weeks,and today instead of being with you,i'm with him?

Boy:(Haha)It's okay,at least he has someone to talk to,hey,there's still a lot of my friends here,so it' s okay.Make sure he's feeling better.

Now look at that...Guys,which do you prefer?Scenario 1 or 2?Haha...

That's why i say,Patience is essential...If you are patient PLUS understanding,you'll always look at the bright side in your relationship!!!Haha...And that is what i learn with Someone...

So what if you partner have a lot of opposite sex friends?

I still remember an Ustaz saying this,even though it's not exact,can't really remember..

"Sayang Itu Bukan Hak Miliki"

Meaning, Love isn't about being YOURS!HAHA!!Good right...And it' s true..

Doesn't mean she's yours,your his,both of you have your own territorial pissings right?OOOO..That is a Nirvana song...Haha...

If you really love them,Trust and Patience...If something similar happens,choose Scenario 2...Don't be a stupid fool to fight over small things ok!!!I learn this is CME last year too!!!!Hahaha...

OKOK!!I remembered a joke...

Gina is a girl who can't pronounce the word "T"

She went on a vacation to Australia two weeks ago

Being in a foreign country,of course you'll feel lonely especially when you're alone!Haha...

So she went into a local bar...Made some friends...But it seems boring and she to an international bar...
It's also a bar, however the bar caters to international needs..So Gina might fine another Singaporean there...

While mingling,she found an American hunk named Robert
She had a few drinks with him...

From a few drinks...Went to several heavy shots!

Feeling drunk,Gina wanted to rest so she asked him to accompany her home.

While waiting outside the pub,he hold onto Gina's handbag and tried to called for a Taxi...

Gina wanted to vomit and she shouted for his name...

A few minutes later....He was apprehended by the police...


Remember?She cannot pronounce "T"...So she shouted "Rober!!!Rober!!!"Instead of Robert!Haha!!!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Wooo!!!Just came back home!Well 3 hours ago...Haha...

Went out with Someone!Hehe!Went to jam with her friends,then walked with her to City Hall,then to Esplanade...Awww...The feeling was soo close!!!Haha...I don't know how to explain!!Haha...I Just Love Her La!!!!Kill Me can!!...

Thats all!Haha..

Maan Rosewood

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ok so here i'm updating now.

Here's for Antoo.
Bro, if you want to give up your passion for something that isn't worthwhile, i don't really know what to say.
You told me not to quit,i didn't,but here you are,quiting.
You say Mercenarian was your inspiration,keep that.Cause we,and I ain't quiting.
Think about it...

Life now is just ok...
I just don't know where to seek shelter except for Someone,but now she's busy with studies,and i don't want to disturb her.
Its ok Someone,i know what you're going through.

I don't hate you Dad,i really don't.
I just want you to open your heart to all your mistake.
I forgave you a long time ago.
Just don't trouble us anymore please.
Everyday Mum says about you,i feel the pain.
Just no more pain please...

Friends,not my Rock and Metal family.My normal friends.
If you don't like me,tell me.

The reason why i don't hold grudges/damn anyone or whatsoever is that because i just want to leave this earth loving everybody.

Patience and Forgiveness
This are my principles
If life turn out bad,just accept it and forgive the people it in

Nevermind,i'll just keep on being patient...

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's 8:56 AM...And i'm still not asleep yet...I just can't sleep...

Oh,i was surfing through youtube again...And i just love Amy Search...

Meaningful right?

The reason why i don't listen much to Indon songs like Peterpan,Radja and all,is that they don't have the same meaning as Malay songs...

80's Malay song was bout the true feelings of a human being...

Now Jiwang songs just spoils everything...They're just fake...FAKE I TELL YOU!!!haha...

I'm trying hard to cheer myself up,but still no smile...Sigh...

Sometimes i just wish i could replace the person in hospital to be me,and make both of you happy...I really do...Cause i just can't hurt you guys anymore...Sigh...

I don't linger over my past,i see my future...And i really want you in my future...That's why i try my best to keep you happy,even though sometimes things you say may hurt me,i'll just keep quiet,cause i know,at least you're not hurting...

Say it's sweet talk to typical minah's...But Maan Rosewood never sweet talks...

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If life was easy,it wouldn't be as special...
I'm sorry i made life so troublesome for you...
aper dengan kau siak maan!!!tak abis2 buat masalah tuk dier!?

I still remember my first gig,where i sang this song...I wish i could sing it again in front of her...And for her...

I know that i sort of betray you in some way...You were being open to me,but yet,i told her...I'm really sorry,and i really learn my mistake...Just don't stop being open with me since i'm the most comfortable person you can talk to...Just because of this,you want to stop being open again...Please don't...

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's about 1:22 AM now,haha,i can't sleep...

Normally i would be talking to her now,but she wants to sleep,so it's okay,really...

One thing i'm grateful about having her is that,she's really understanding...

We seem to know each other in and out,and it really means a lot to me...Heh...

I'm sorry about making you mad...I'm really grateful that you're also a forgiving person...It was so sweet hearing your soft voice again...Your small giggles,haha...
You'd probably be puking now right?Haha...

Deny all you want,but your voice is really sweet...Awww...
I got her to sing for me a lot of times already!Haha,she's good on the piano too...

What more can i ask...After years of waiting,i finally found her!It's not that i don't cherish my past,but really,i'm so thankful that you came into my life...

Signs to tell that you're really in love with someone...

Who is the first person that comes into your mind?Ask this question followed by the others below:

When You Miss Someone?
When Your Phone Rings?
When Something Is Amiss?
Who You Pray For?
Who You Look Forward Going Out With?

Haha,some random questions of the morning,early morning...Haha...

Every morning i wake her for school
Every morning i accompany her to school by phone
Sometimes i would call her when it's her break time
Sometimes i would accompany her home by phone
Sometimes i would call around 6-8 to check on her
Every night i would call her to chat about her day and to say goodnight

If something bad were to happen to me,at least i know the last two person i said goodnight to was my mum and her...

Couples say I Love You for nothing everytime they hung up...

Even though we rarely say it,we know it...

And that if anything happens,we know our love was known...

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