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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dark clouds circle around me
Revengeful hatred blooms in me
Lies and Deceit patronize me
Apocalypse is calling me

Words are like knifes
Vows are like meat
Cutting through is easy
Slicing neatly is not

I'm a prisoner of time and space
Where all wandering souls are kept
My freedom is long gone
Cause the answer is now a question

Undying passion grows into dying love
Blooming happiness turns into empty hatred
Faith turns on you
And Satan is waiting

Screams,silent screams
I'm no longer screaming from pain
I'm screaming because there's no more suffering
Irony seems like a parody

There was once a story about a wise faithful young man...
He was being lured by the Devil...
He taught he could repent with tears or so the Devil told him...
If he could commit a sin...

From a mere pint of beer...
To jugs and barrels of it...
He was drunk till he raped the waitress...
Her furious husband came...
And blood was splattered...
Murder was the game...

He was tied by the villagers...
The Devil came and told him...
Bow to me and i'll give you freedom...
Darkness filled his heart...
God was no longer his saviour...
He has turned to the Devil...

His head dropped onto the ground...
His soul was trapped and marked...
He was the Devil's soul...
And he would not even smell Heaven...
And Hell shall be his home...

A song from Iced Earth-Dracula

Hey guys...Shocked by my post?Don't be...
Those of you who knew who i used to be wouldn't be shocked...
Okay,reason for it?
Some answers are better left unanswered!

And about the Wise Faithful Man,is a true story which i think is from a hadith or something...


Haha,to tell you the truth,i was just inspired by Iced Earth..

But as i said...I'm no Satanist or whatsoever...
So chillaka!<----The lamest word Savvia can come up with
And it has another meaning to it...Shessh...Haha..

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Woke up today around 8 am...Went to toilet and slept again...

By 11 i woke up officially and bath..By 11.30 i was out of the house and on my way to Dhoby Ghaut to meet Syarmilla.
Went to Mac first and treated Syarmilla to a cup of Caramel Frappe and i bought 2 Double Cheeseburgers with extra Pickles and Cheese!Yum!

Went to Mrt again to wait for Reen!Oh my god..That guy,never on time!Haha...
Yes Bro!NEVER on time!Hehe...
In the end he took a cab to Paradiz and i waited for Wong Sharul Nisman!Yes!Wong!Haha,my beloved new drummer's name is Wong!
Hahas..For that mean time,Jebat and Mira went to eat at LJS...So they headed to off first.

Man and Syah came and damn Syah's face was white as hell.Got to know she was just discharged from the hospital...Awww,get well soon sis!Then Wan Iron called and he waited for us at Cathay.
Me,Milla,Man and Syah headed towards Paradiz and met up with Wan Iron,along there Jebat was on the way so waited for him.Man was hungry so i gave him my burger,lols,share mah!

So headed to Paradiz and saw Reen at 7-11.Headed to Daisy Rock and met with Ironchild.So headed in the studio!

Man was waiting outside....And we were inside....
The whole band was like..."Where's the drummer?"

Haha!He didn't know where we went!Gundu jgk drummer aku..haha

So played the songs intended to play..

BUT some players never learned the songs!Shessh...Haha..

But we managed to play some songs like Hallowed Be Thy Name,The Trooper,Fear Of The Dark,I Want Out and Future World...
Heavy Chains we got some of it...

Peluru Terakhir was damn nice,i prefer this heavier and faster version...
We also got to summarise Pegangan Pada Khalimah,our own slow original!

Reen and Jebat always started off without us...Haha,always playing the song ahead of us...Damn those guys,very funny...

Finished and rest at a nearby stairs...
Had some de-brief with the band bout our upcoming shows like in April and June,about recordings for a compilation album in February and about the new setlist!Haha

Cool!Finally,i can put Blind Guardian as a choice in the setlist!

After that,me,Milla,Man and Syah headed to Bugis where Man and Syah headed home while me and Milla went to Beat Merchants to watch Ironchild jammed.

Ann improved a whole lot!There's no need to stand in front of her anymore to show how to sing the songs!I'm glad for her!

After that,headed to Plaza Singapura!Wanted to buy a new amplifier but Yamaha wasn't opened!Damned!

So headed to sit at SMU and chatted with Ironchild bout Min and Fai's problem.

After that,Min,Zyla,Jai and his Gf headed home by bus while me,Aris,Kid and Ann went to the MRT..

Halfway through,Ann took a cab home so it was left with us 3 guys...

Chatted bout the old Mercenarian and all and stuff about old Ironchild and the new Ironchild...

Reached home,had some food,and bathed...

Now i'm on the com!Haha!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Just came back from KL!YES!KL!

After 5 years of not going into Malaysia!Haha.

But going in there makes me feel a little scared?Haha,because of the recent robbing
of Singapore citizen.But as my friends say,dress up like a malay Malaysian,and it'll be ok.Haha,but every country will have their bad points too right!?

And i love Berjaya Times Square!Haha!

I bought a lot of Ray Ban specs!Rock beb!Haha..

Bought for my band some stuffs.
Bought some of my friends stuffs too!Haha.



Left To Right
For Shareen,Dila and Nisman


For Wan Iron and Syarmilla


For Galluvinci's mom and herself


Ray Ban and Police Specs

Mine,For Aisyah,Mine,Mine,For Wan Iron
And the wristBAND is mine!Haha


Nice right?!

First Day:

Left my house at around 5+.
Reached Anga's (Mum's Friend) block around 6?
And we officially reach Tuas Kastam around 6.30.
We rented a 7 seater car and it was huge!WOW!Haha..

We pit stopped at Ayer Keroh,Mum and Anga just went to the toilet.
So we continued to Melaka for awhile to eat and order a family painting.
And the Nasi Ayam was not that nice cause the chicken wasn't cooked fully.

Left Melaka around 12?Then headed all the way to Kuala Lumpur!
We checked in around 2.45.
Then we unpacked and doodle around in the room checking it out!Haha..
Was suppose to go swimming but Mum and Anga had a little arguement so we postpone it till 6?By 6 me and my little brother went to the pool below and it was freezing cold!Literally...

At 8 we headed back to the hotel and we ordered room service!First time!Haha..

At 10 all of us headed to bed,but i slept at 3?Haha,can't sleep!

Second Day:

Woke up at 7.30 and headed to eat breakfast!Damn the food was nice!
At around 11.30,headed to shop at Masjid India area and Petaling Street.
Man i bought a lot of stuff!Haha.
After that,headed to walk in Times Square mall for awhile and headed back to the rooms.We went swimming again!Haha!

At 6.15 we were out of the pool and headed to wash ourselves and we ate at Uncle Johnny!Damn nice!
I had Black Pepper Beef with Rice...Gosh...It's much nicer then Banquet!Haha.
After that,went to shop again at Times Square mall.Shop Shop Shop till i found a little shop named I-Socks which had the whole of Peninsular in there.Garh!!!!!!It was heaven for me...Haha..

Headed to my room with my little brother as Mum and Anga shopped again.
At 9,we ordered room service again!Muahaha..Ate and watched a stupid horror show.

By 10,everyone was in bed again,but for me,i ate the leftovers and watched Halloween!Haha.

Third Day:

Woke up at 8 and had breakfast again!Haha,awesome food!
Then packed our bags and check out.But we headed to Petaling St again to do some last minute shopping.Then headed back to Times Square and drove off to Melaka to pick up the paintings.Ate at Uncle Johnny again!haha..

Then headed off to Singapore!I got home at around 10 or 11..Was puffed!

But Syarmilla text me!Wee!!!Love You a Whole LOT!!!
And i bought her a Zippo Lighter!Haha!!Cool kan?!
So we text till 1 or 2?Then i headed to bed!Haha,no more room service...But maid service have!Haha

Maan Rosewood

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The competiton was great,it was a tough one too.HC's ability to make the bed with perfection is awesome!!!

Well,at around 12,i was in housekeeping lab practising for the competition,but Taufiq was being cheeky and he made me wait for him for like 30 mins!Shessh!Haha..

The first practise timing was 10 mins...

So tried again,it dropped to 7 Mins 1 Sec!
Wow,i was amazed!

But i really hate the kilt and the kilt cover,damn it's so annoying!

So when the competition started,i ran to the toilet!Haha,my anxiety came back again...No worries,it's a normal thing...Haha...

Well,finished as one of the top 3 guys,but still,i could do better than that!Argh!!!!
I was aiming to win the big prize to share with HA cause Ezan n' Mira wanted the the big prize damn bad!Sorry guys,i didn't get the prize...And one thing that made me so ashamed is that HA didn't win anything,i don't blame HA competitors,but,it's like,sad is the word actually...Seeing HB and HC cheering and jumping for joy just damped our spirit...Sigh...


As soon as i reached home,i was puffed...
Phew,so i played PSP till 6?Then i slept till maghrib.
Woke up and continued playing PSP till my Bro,Reen called.

Damned bro,don't be sad.
Chill la bro!apa mau sedih2...haha..

As what the Metal God sang,"No regrets i'm standing,with the needle in my heart"
- Rob Halford

The way she left you...Blah...I couldn't even understand...

But as i say,"Forgive,and thou shall win"

Do not keep the anger,and frustration,that will be your downfall.

If you have been faithful and truthful,you have the right to be happy Bro,believe me.

Oh!I got this line out of the blues,and don't worry,i'm not worshipping Satan.

"In your God's carcass i shall engrave Satan's name,and with HIS blood that dripped from the Heavens,i shall satisfy the lust of the sinners"

Sinister aeh?

I'm a person who commit sins
But i shall not worship the Devil
For the Devil would only bring his Demonic Wrath
And only God can bring Peace and Satisfaction

Allahu Akbar!


I'm officialy Nuts...Ok Reen!Puas ati bace blog aku?haha

Maan Rosewood

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Winger - Miles Away

Chatted with Reen on the phone yesterday.Damn that guy is one funny bro...Haha

I pranked called him,and he sweared at me!Haha
Reen da pandai maki org!haha

Yesterday around 6,i went to X Jamming Studio to meet up with Edmushyta!lepak jek..haha..

Now i see the true colours of the younger brothers!They're gay!haha...joke la..

So just chatted and chatted till like 8.30...then i went home..haha..

OOO!!And i miss talking to my sister!!!!Kak Dayang!!!!haha...
gosh i miss her...we share almost everything man!haha..
and ya..last two days,got lectured by my mum..woa..felt like a small kid again..haha

mum kept talking bout saving money..don't be dad and all..then she talked bout finding the perfect one to settle down with...i was like..i'm only 18 la!haha..

"The harder it is to get it,the harder it is to lose it,"
-Reen Di'anno

go get your own true nick la reen!haha...btw..tanx a lot uh bro...seriously..
the only guys that i chat on the phone like for hours are only Siraj and Adib..and my old band?tk pena pn...but the new mercenarian seem to have that jiwe as a band and as brothers..

and dang bro..that caramel frappe can kill us..haha...kurang ajar betol!pey manis!haha

oh ya...haha..looks can be deceiving kan!told ya oreidi...haha..org ingat brader aku ni playboy...haha..korang blom kenal..blom la tau!hahaha

Maan Rosewood

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