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Saturday, June 30, 2007

today was a terrible day...coz our performance had to be canceled..
the band is poof..dead...not so la..crazy isit?i won't let it die..

now i noe acab really is committed..the person whom i tot wouldn't be...
he's the only one whom smsed me and asked me how was i feeling besides the band...damn..fell ill jz bcoz of them..haha

today met gambit to see them jamm...scary la...isk their vocalist like
to climb here and there....swing the mic...wadah oso scared..hhaha..the rest like nth happen..haha..

first jamm at A10..then jamm at Fusion...quite ok la..but i prefer A10..coz its more comfy..haha...

after jamm...we to JE...lepak alone from 5-8.30...waited for tempeh...haha..

dun get me wrong..i aint waiting for a guy my age...i'm waiting for a guy whom is 31 years of age..

waited for tempeh,real name zul of Spellbound...he wants to lepak with me ah...
da mcm otai aku...but it was fun ah..he brought his son along..cute sia..haha...
talked for an hour bout music and careers...all he said is true...

u people dun look down on us...coz we are the musicians u can't see...
zul has many affiliations with msia big bands...

amy search...if u listen to fantasia bulan madu...all the long vocal solo's are done by a singaporean rocker..not amy himself...a lot of things u dunnoe...

gosh..was a great time...sat and talked over tea n kopi..haha..aku da jadi mcm wak wak..hehehe...

then talked bout band stuff ah..this guy really noes a lot...haha...

he is 31...has 2 child and a wife..but he talks like a 17 year old...haha

i guess nobody noes that most of my frens are otai..haha...its good to actually be-frens with them ah...they noe more then us...those who make themself music critics at skool..sum of whom i noe thinks they noe a lot..this guys noe way better...

then went home at around 9.30...reached home at 10.30 liddat..klah..gtg...


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Monday, June 11, 2007

hey there...
guess the bad things are just gonna pour in..
heard that maybe i'll be moving to ghim moh...

things are not going so good now...
they've filed a report...things are hectic...
hands are flying already...haix...tis is wat happen when
u are prone to violence...

there's nobody to turn to now...friends becomes foes
as wat i see...i dunnoe...the group of people whom
i've once enjoyed in is gone...

people change...too drastic...sum
change coz they are always pushed around...haix...
jz look back guys..u'll see how much we've changed...
dun say no u've not..we did really changed...but not for the better...

i've been skipping prayers for the past few days...my bad
old days are coming back..i dunoe y...i'm so afraid now...
now i noe y i am prone to violence...coz of my blood ties...

my dad used to be violent..so is my mum...haix..
i used to be violent..all i can do is cool down now...
but i can't stand being patient anymore...

i'm afraid of a sudden outburst...
was shock to hear wat the doc said the last time...she
knew i was suffering badly mentally...but i jz kept quiet...till today...
my mum can see the sadness in me...but i think it's too late...

i remembered when i was admitted to the hospital...no one came...
none of my frens...and even few of my relatives...am i unwanted?
i dunnoe...

tears are really falling now...
i tried to help someone by telling someone who is older and responsible to stop that person from doing such things...but they thought i was jz bad-mouthing...i feel so bad...

haix...who am i kidding..i cant help myself..how can i help someone else...
now i noe..nobody cares...i'm not being emo...no..its the
facts i need to face....

my advices fall into deaf ears..maybe i need them myself..haix...
my appetite has gone down....i seem to be jz drinking water all day...
haix...keep vomiting almost all the time...am i ill?i dunnoe..haix...

when can it all be over....i miss my old frens...i miss the jokes...
i miss the times...i miss the tightness...i miss the stupid comments..
i miss all those...its all gone...all gone...

my home is gone...so is my frens...where can i go now...

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jamming was great...you can feel the passion of
each of the members...god..it was a feeling i've lost for years..hehe..

started off with the song called The Trooper..well..its the only
song we can play without arip who was an hour late..haha..no worries..
it was a warming up session...coz i'm the kind of person who can't sing directly...need to warm up first..hehe..

then when arip came..he brought sweet licks guitarist n bassist...haha..sweet licks is gonna be famous with high pitch vocals..

i was almost losing my voice after singing hallowed be thy name and the trooper a couple of times..we tried holy diver 2 times but it was not much fun..hehe...rosli from osairis came...he said i was great..well i can't be that great for now..

when it was nearing the end of the session..we played around with sum songs..i lost my voice that instant..as in my voice canot be very rocky..haha..so i tried to change a lil..be steelheart..hehe...mike?duh!..

the peepz went quiet...i was like y?acab say it was superb..haha..coz i made a high pitch scream..which i wana make as a trademark for my band..and i'm damn happy...haha

we're gonna play She's Gone by Steelheart as the last number on our list...hope i can hit the notes mike can...god'swill..
here are sum of the pics..

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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