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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

emptyspacesfill me up with holesdistantfaceswith no place left to go
without youwithin meI can't find no restwhere I'mgoingis anybody's guess

CHORUS: I try to go on like I never knew youI'm awakebut my world is half asleepI prayfor this heart to be unbrokenbut without you all I'm going to be is...Incomplete

voicestell meI should carry onbut I amswimmingin an ocean all alone
baby, my babyit's written on your faceyou stillwonderif we made a big mistake...

CHORUS:I try to go on like I never knew youI'm awakebut my world is half asleepI prayfor this heart to be unbrokenbut without you all I'm going to be is...Incomplete

BRIDGEI don't mean to drag it onbut I can't seem to let you goI don't wanna make you face this world alone...I wanna let you go[oh nooo...]

CHORUS:I try to go on like I never knew youI'm awakebut my world is half asleepI prayfor this heart to be unbrokenbut without you all I'm going to be is...Incomplete
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wEll...been a hectic day....so sad...angry....dissapointed....
i didn't get the post i want but for being the Head of Admin is ok...just need to work hard....train hard....thats all..

foR loVelife...nah....itS empTy likE a VeSsel...

stiLl looKing fOr aNsweRs tO mY lIfe...
nOne reCeivEd....

bEen so lOnely this Few dAys....sAt beSide mY hp...nO callS...no SmS...haiz....when will the answer come to me.....haiz.....

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Hey....Something has been bothering me....It's nana....Even thought she is my Ex...I still care for her...She has gone under lots of suffer and pain...From Shaz,to Naz,to Fendi....Thanks guys for making her life a misery...Well,she wants to change her life herself..I can't stop her...It is her first time that she is showing her will power of herself...I am glad nana...I am...

Pada cinta pertama
Kau tidak sedar
Bahawa yang sedang dicintai itu
Adalah kekasihmu yang benar

Kau meninggalkannya
Untuk orang lain
Kau tidak hendak menyakitkan hatinya lagi
Sebab itu kau membuat demikian

Tetapi bila masa berlalu
Kau tidak rasa lena dengan kekasih barumu
Kau merasa kecewa pada kekasih yang lama
Kau mula merasa seperti kau dibenci orang

Tetapi ingat
Bila seseorang bercinta sepertiku
Ingat,ku tidak akan tinggalkanmu
Ku tak akan mengucap selamat tinggal

Dan jangan kau ucap selamat tinggal
Walaupun seketika
Walaupun sekelip mata
Jangan diucap selamat tinggal

...LOsT bOi....

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

hey..sorri long time nvr update..just now morning went to penin wif nana...haha...when we were at jurong east...she was right at the back of the mrt and i was like right at the front...haha...so from the meeting point of jurong east changed to city hall....god...she was awesome....well...if she wore normally..haha...joking...she wore like going to wedding...haha....then go penin..go up and down like wat...i went to 2nd floor...ask the dude there got sel spare parts..he say go up 4 floor his secnd shop..go up there...it was awesome...bought a 0.10 string...its set ah....slinky brand...then bought a purple volume turning thingy...then bought a silver shiny pick guard....is it spell that way.????not a pick but the body...the inner one...for me i had quite some fun...for her?haha..dont know....sorri if no fun for u...

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Jika cintamu tidak membenarkan
Ku memahami
Kata-katamu tetap dihatiku
Tidakkanku hancurkan

Sesalan ini hanyaku sendiri
Bukan dirimu
Jangan menuduh dirimu

Thats all for me now......

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Haha...hey guys...its a long time since i last update uh!...haha...been very bz wif NPCC..haha...of course la..dedicated what...haha....

In The Age Of Innocence
Darkness Will Fall
In The Last Minute Of Life
Is The Last Hour Of Death

It's Coming,Death Metal Is Rising

haha...thats one of my spooky sentence....
me now am ok....what english is that?haha...well...me no am really ok....btw..whos nas?may u intro urself?haha...
now at home sooo boring as skool holidays is here...haha...missing nana..as always....
eh...is it nasri or nazrul?a lil confuse here...haha...

sorry guys and gals jus lost my touch with malay poetry todae...

Feel The Passion Burning In Me
Let Rock Rise

We Sold Our Soul
For Rock And Roll

Adapted From,
Black Sabbath

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