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Monday, November 27, 2006

hey...Rosewood here again..
been such a hectic day..

woke up in the morning,send my brother to my aunt's house
then went to skool...teach guitar ah...

then went to my aunt house again...haiz..
there i start to actually ruin my day..
i smsed ehem to tell my feelings ah..
but she say she dun wan...was so rejected...but she say
she dun wan to ruin our frenship..so nvm la...

as i walked back home...i suddenly remembered fadillah...wondering
how's she doing with najib now..haiz...she left me 3 days after my bdae..
and she wished me a happie bdae bcoz her sister told her i think..
so sad...haiz..nvm la..it's fate...gotta hold out strong..

thats all ah..no mood ah...

Till Now And Hereafter,
Rock-Et Rolls

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2 post for today plus this makes 3.
let's talk bout my students,i mean the ones i teach music.
Yazier-On vocalist issues
Adam-On vocalist issues
APF-Mentor for that band
Ruzaini-Beginner guitar(Chords)
Azlan-Beginner guitar(Seasoning)
Rafi-Beginner guitar(Seasoning & Chords)
Erick-Beginner & Advance guitar
Muhaimin-Advance guitar(Shredding)
Saniwayudi-Advance guitar(Finger Plucking)
Aloysius-Advance guitar
Asyraf-Professional guitar(Scaling)
And this are some teachers teaching me
Obek Sabtu-On vocalist issues(I'm a retired vocalist,just having fun)
Mom-On vocalist issues
Mr Vincent Chua-Professional guitar(Scaling)
Here are the people i respect the most!
Raffian-For strong voice and a powerful chord hits.
Austere Euphoria-Fariz and Hafiz were my ex-guitarist-They are hitting big time.
Zarina-My guitar friend-Hitting big time,
Jinx-Love that punk rock girl band.
Liz of Jinx-My mentor in music and life.
Asyraf-Great guitar player
Till Now And Hereafter,
Currently Unamed

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Ok now let's talk about my band which name
is being changed again,but currently unamed.
This guy can sing,but he doesn't want to show his power in his voice.
He can sing like Axl Rose,his idol.
But this guy is a little over the edge,likes to change names and all,haha.
This guy,i've got no comments.He keeps to himself most of the times.
He can play the guitar but his fingers are to sticked to the fretboards.
This fellow is the 1st joker of the band.In times of seriousness,he will fool
around,feel like chopping off his head.He has the attitude of rock,yes.
His stage presence are killer moves,but when live,he stays still,don't know why.
The wise person of the band.His the first HOF member i met online.Good
guitar player i must say.But he's too afraid i might take
over his position as lead guitarist,come on,i want to play some lead too but not all.You can't expect a 4 year lead guitarist to sit back and let you,a 9 month lead guitarist take over me right?Haha.
Raja Syahrul Nizam
This guy is the hardest to contact.Very moody at times,very perky at times.
For drums,don't question him,he's a on the spot player,let him
hear the song once and he'll get it,haha.
That's my band,currently unamed.
Till Now And Hereafter,
Currently Unamed

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Rosewood's back
haha...yesterday APF came to my house to do a little session
could say it worked out but still end in horror,haha
Let me do a little comment on APF
He CAN sing but he COULDN'T open his wide mouth
to let his voice out.He can sing like Amuk,Nash,and even M Shadows,but
he relies too much on his nose and he can't even complete a sentence.
Guest vocalist of APF,she can sing melodious love songs from
Celine Dion or Mariah Carey,but she totally ruins Avenged Sevenfold songs.
She can control her voice and she hits all the right chords.
So called the 'Leader' of APF,likes to make things right.Always up for grabs
for new songs.But loves to kill her members one by one,haha.
This punk rock boy only gives his best in punk rock,haha.
He is the quiet one,doesn't moves around much nor talks much.
He still needs to improve his guitar skills.
I don't know his status,either the helper of APF or the lead guitarist
of APF.This guy loves guitar so much.But his attitude sometimes irritates me
cause he wants to be the world for the guitars.And he sometimes exagerates too much on the guitar.
Sorry for your lost though.He is the drummer of APF and my Metallian brother.
He doesn't have much stamina to complete a whole song of Attic Monkeys?
But he can play,just need to build up his stamina.
Till Now And Hereafter,
Currently Unamed

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

hey ho!Rosewood here..
Tues and Wed went to sleep at my 3rd sis's house...had a great
time there...abg hadi was like forever yapping so is my sis...haha..
went there and got lost again...wtf...2nd time...haha...alighted at
the wrong stop ah...haha..then met them and we go to woodland's mart first...
they wana buy ice cream..so jz follow..then abg hadi blanja me chacos which i
didn't finish..haha..
then head home...at home we all sat down and ate....was funny akmal wasn't there
he and anik will be one kind of noisy hell for my sis there..haha
so ate ayam chilli padi....can say it was nice..haha...then we all sat down and watched tv...anik went to sleep first...baby was asleep oreidi..haha..we were watching tv and abg hadi was waiting for a chinese show but in the end he slept..haha..then me and akak went to watch horror movie..haha..watched till 1.30 am..wow..then akak n abg hadi went to sleep..i watched til 2.30..haha...woke up at 8 am though..haha..akak was still sleeping but abg went to work...anik was awake oreidi..haha...
then akak woke up and bought prata...ate and then watched tv again...
went to bath then watched tv again...anik went to skool while i took care of baby...
then at 2.30 slept again...walau...haha...pm oso!~hahaha..
then woke up at 5...cause baby was crying...then slept oreidi,akak came out then talked lor...i missed 16 years of my life without my sisters by my side...then it was a get to noe well session.haha...at 5.45 abg came back...walau that guy...haha...then i go ate again...my sis keep's asking me want to eat want to eat?hahaha...then called dad to take me home coz lazy...lol..at 8 around there dad came,chat a lil then went off..went to mak house first...my step mom...my 2nd sis oso there..i mean she lived there as she was divorced....dad went to take a van for today's trip then we went home...ok thats all lor
Till Here And Thereafter
Adam's Theory

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hey,Rosewood's back.
I couldn't say i had a fun day yesterday,cause,on of my metallian brother's own blood brother departed.I feel so sorry for him,even though i don't show it.
Well Zal,heard how he departed,and i'm so sorry bro,don't blame yourself.
Yesterday i also went to karaoke at Yan's house,amongst the happines,there's still Zal at the back of my head,not that.But that little guy,it's so sad.
Met him this year,around mid-year or so.He won talentime,and he added me in
friendster,found out that we had loads on common.Furthermore i'm the middleman for him and Yan,haha,funny case there.
So i regard him as a little bro,not trying to become one's saviour,but to be one's friend.
Do good before you depart people,as little as you can.And for Rizal's bro,i'm
surprised myself cause this world is really small,my cousin(abg sedare)
is Rizal's brother's friend.
I've lost a little brother before,13 years ago,and i blame myself for it,cause,oh nvm,but i learned that,living in this world is just for awhile.
With this family tearing apart,i'm still upholding my responsibilities as the man of the house,so i should not give up.
As for my love life,i'm still finding,not for my princess,not for my darling,but a lover who loves me for not who i am,but for what i am.
It's hard to find real love though,but god promises his servants that
everyone will have thier partner.
Till here,
Adam's Theory

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