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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grad nite!was so great!woohoo!!haha..

Went to Grand Hyatt around 5 pm?coz mdm shaffie wants me to rehearse..argh..haha...then went with wan and saki...reached there..pract2...duh..haha

the food was nice!but didnt eat much..hehe...then there was my duet with feena...okok la eh?haha..then eat again..then this and that...i'll let the pics to the talking..basically..everyone now noes who' s the bad ass rocker in skool!ahhaa..yea!

Syahrul(Ex-Drummer) N' Maan Rosewood
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Crazy peeps la..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

hehe...this guy like gay man..
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the ass of the class..nice ass ah not Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i dun have that much pics..so se ya!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Alright,yesterday went out with Zack,Reza,Syah,Wan,Rusty,Naz,Acap,Lat,Imran,Zamurai,Alwie,Fahmi,Wan Bogeh,Azhar to just go chill and have a nice LONG rest at Esplanade.

Noticed LONG?Haha,how LONG you ask?4 hours of heart-cramping butt sitting!

We basically had NOTHING to do but SIT and CRAMP our BUTTS!

9.30pm was the jamming time,and we were there doing nothing!
So we just chat,and chat,and chat...

Yea!But i didn't smoke of course,the guys did.

Here are the pics!haha

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This was another pic
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Since i'm waiting for the time to go by,i'll write here about
my adventures and history in music...Hehe...

In 2003,my nickname was Maan-dol...Don't know why...
I started playing the guitar and formed a band.
Name:Jargone,then to Slackers
Genre:Pop Punk/Punk Rock
There was a short conflict with Nur Hafiz and Syahrul over who's going to
play the drums.
Then it was down to Me on Guitar and Vocals,Syahrul on Drum,and Khai Kecik on Bass.

In 2004,Khai Kecik left the band.
Then came in Hakim on vocals,Nainna on 2nd Guitar,Aisyah on Keyboard,Saiful on Bass,Me on Lead Guitar,Syahrul on Drums.
We went in our school Talentime,but didn't make it.
We changed our name to Slackers Reborn.
Genre:Pop Punk/Punk Rock

In 2005,it was a time of hardships and despair...
Hakim,Nainna,Aisyah left,leaving us,a 3 piece.
I went back on Guitar and Vocals,Syahrul on Drums,Saiful on Bass.
We changed our name to Slackers again.
But things turn for the worst,Saiful left the band.
He joined back only for a short time.
Our name changed from Slackers Reunited,to Heartbreakers,to Volatile Liquid.
Genre:Rock/Pop Rock/Punk Rock.

Mid of 2005,we formed a Hardcore band,with Hafiz on Guitar,Kecik on Guitar,Me on Vocal and Guitar,Syahrul on Drums,but thing really never did progress..
Our name was Brave Regiments.

End of 2005
We found ourself playing more on Rock like Guns N' Roses.
So we formed Twisted Vines with Achmad on Lead Guitar,Rif on Rhythm Guitar,Waz on Bass,Adam on Vocals,Me on Lead Guitar,Syahrul on Drums.
We later changed our name to The Outcome,then to Adams' Theory,then to Rock-Et Rolls.

The band stayed together for a year,till end of 2006.
We played our first and final gig together.
I can't stand playing GNR covers,so i left the band,Syahrul followed me.

In 2007,I made a new band,Berzerk Regiments,later known as Lanun,then Mercenary.
With Me on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar,Nas on Lead Guitar,Toto on Bass,Syahrul on Drum.
Things were about to shine when the members started to depart again.
Nas had to go to KL and join Search,i don't really know the details.Toto's old band called him back and he left too.Syahrul,too left the band.In such sorrow,i still continued.

So in around March 2007,i called in Acap,Joe and Arip,we changed out name to Mercenadia,but was sissy so we changed to Mercenarian.
Then it was Me on Guitar and Vocal,Acap on Bass,Arip on Lead Guitar,Joe on Drums.

But then,on our first gig,Arip and Joe left the band,so we had to take in Lat.
3 piece again,Lat on Drums,Me on Vocals and Guitar,Acap moved to Guitar.

Then on our first gig,we called Nas to play as Bass and it was a fun reunion for me.
The gig turn-out great as everybody had fun,but nobody headbang!

Then we took in Imran as Guitar,i dropped my position as Guitarist and became a full-fledged Vocalist!
Then we played on our second gig with Zamurai as our bassist.
Zamurai is Mercenarian's num 1 fan!haha...

Finally,after much search,Mercenarian is finally a complete line-up.

Maan Rosewood:Vocalist
Acap:Lead Guitarist
Imran:Lead Guitarist
Izzul:Bass Guitarist

Maan Rosewood

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Finished Physics Paper today,left with 3 more papers,i'm puffed.Haha...

Been hearing and trying to record I'tiraf...
It's a Song About Repent...
When you sing it with all your heart,it's really lovely...

Today is Friday,Alhamdulillah,the day where i must go Friday Prayers...
For the first time,i felt happy and wanting to go...

They say once the light in your heart begins to shine,it's a sign you will
have a change in life...
I found myself taking care of my words these few days...
Well,as they say,once you read the Al-Quran,automatically,words that is
hated by God,would not come out easily...
Tonight,i'm going to read Surah Waqi'ah again.I'll read it till i remember it.

Tomorrow would be a small outing with my friends...
Hope she's there,so i can ask for her forgiveness...
I miss talking to her on the phone,messaging her...
All my phone does now is keep quiet,it's really lonely though...

I hope my prayers today are answered,to make her open her up again...
I'll beg for forgiveness if i have to...

Till Here I Wrote...

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