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Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is a story about a boy,whom is going to lose everything.

When he was born,he saw a mum,a dad,a happy family.
He grew up with tight regulations.
He had proper education and sufficient treatment.

As he grew,he went into the world unknown.
He was a hot-headed child,after a year of counseling,he finally
manages to control his anger.

When he enter into young adulthood,he needed an
identity,a name,a label.
At first he became a punk rocker,as
he had a band.After a year,he realise his real identity
is a rocker,so he became one.

Things started to toughen up,just a year ago,
his parents stopped speaking to each other.
He was burden with the task of being the man of the family,
even though his parents were still there,he finds that
they were incapable of taking care of him and his sibling.

He became crazy and for the first time,he ran away from home,
on Hari Raya.He came back 7 hours later,because he realised,
if he's gone,who'd take care of the family.

He tried everything,from counseling to seeking relatives help.
But it ain't enough.Now,he sees that his parents are going to
give up on each other,and tears flows from his eyes,
even thought the decision is not yet confirmed.

He read an article once,about a boy who ran away from
home because he stole 2 dollars from his mother to buy a gift for her birthday.
His parents searched for him for 3 days.

That made this boy cry,he wonders,will his parents search for him?
If he was to go missing?

Now he has no one to turn to,the people he has,don't seem to bother,or.
didn't have the time.He knows they got their own problems,so he kept quiet.
But now it's too hard,the tears are flowing everyday,everynight.

God has reasons for his doings,and this is a test for me,and i accept it.

Maybe it's the last name you'll hear in this world,maybe not.
Till Now And Hereafter.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

haha!had the mos funniest thing happened!haha...
i'm so fucked up with blogger so i borrow lin's google acc..and all was messed up!!haha..now must blanja her tomorow..hehe..sorry ya!hahaha...
everythings ok...new band...new futures..haha..oh well..tats all..toodles..
Till Now And Hereafter,
Patriots Blood

Bled For Mankind 7:22 AM | Comment





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