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Thursday, April 26, 2007

hmm...things have not been going good..

for the firs time..mdm shaffie saw me broke down in class...
that was where she really saw the dark dark place in me..
the class was oso shock..

that time she was talking bout marriages and all that..bout ups and downs..
i jz couldn't take it tho..memories started coming back...
then i broke down..but was quiet as to not let my mates hear...but she notice..
after talking to the class...she called me out of class..
then stand outside the door..that's where i really burst into tears..

she went back in to take sum tissue..i could hear shi tan saying,'eh luqmaan crying ah?'

then there was kind of a short silence...i couldn't really bear this
pressure now...now that the whole class noe sumthing is wrong..they
did really act kinda caring for the whole day..tanx tho..
well..all i could say,this was where mdm shaffie noe
how i hide this pain and sorrows...maybe there's too
much suffering that i wish i wasn't there...sigh...


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Sunday, April 22, 2007

today's jamming was great...
went out of the house at 1 coz of sum probs..

then met annas,kookai n her guy at JE..then met dini,toto and his kuz at bugis..

then start to jamm..wow it was great...i can finally sing like iron maiden!!woo!!

here are the pics!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

gig for the monsters of rock thingy is not
confirmed yet...eeee..cannot wait!!hahahaha...gonna
play alongside bad obsession!!woO!!

so what have i been doing?nth la...jz msn,school...haha

at msn a few peepz irritate me but nah..its ok...dun mind really...
wat can i say?its youth right?haha...
we are the youths gone wild..ahaha

jz now at school tried to play piano but a lil
off-key..haha..then feena wana compose song but she
was so frustrated with her own song she stop..haha...

then had dnt talk ah...damn..so good sia that jason..haha...

walked home with syahrul,azwan n muhaimin..then went home with wan...
woa...me and wan cannot be together sia...will always sing...ahahakx..

we are Mawan!hahahahah..more like mawas...gosh..ahakx..

gonna buy me a new Dean Vendetta soon!!so excited!!!hehe...
gona ask iiki to tag along..since she wana see other guitars too..hehe...

gona watch spiderman with syahrul..who else wana tag?soo cool..haha..



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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

make a new song with Darul soon..cool right?haha..
a rocker and a punk rocker...ahahakx...
hope it won't sound like the river...shesh..

then maybe gonna make a song with Skid from Cigarette Sex..

my musical life is really spinning...no gigs i dun mind..
getting ori's and demo's done!!woo!!!

life?ok la...i still dunnoe who the hell is Hazriah...
haha...ok my life is quite ok now..still unstable....
still bored...still not going...haha..

gona jamm with Creep Valetine soon!!Singapore's hardcore band!!
its actually a reunion jamming..haha..

speaking about reunion jamming...

Rosewood N' Bonfire Rhapsody Reunion Jamming
is coming up!!woo!!my old brudders of rock...ahhakx..i'm so damn
excited...seeing old faces from Rock-Et Rolls!!!woo!!

kla..tats all..


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hmm,someone by the name of Hazriah commented
that i sound popular?Haha, funny.

Well i'll define popular to you,
to me,popular is well-known,respected,looked-up upon.

I am known but not well,i'm kinda respected,
and i'm kinda looked up upon..
why?haha...COZ I AM A DAMN GOOD PERSON..haha..
nola..musical aura..haha..

the lower sec see me as a guitar teacher as i teach sumtimes at Mr. Sim's guitar course class during June n Dec Olidays..

the seniors see me as a musical organiser,planner,person?haha..
i have loads of contacts with other underground,local bands n many organiserz...and i pack a punch with rock..so ya..

to me..nah..i jz love myself..haha..sum of my frens love me for my

ok btw.hazriah..i think i noe u oreidi..hehe...


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Friday, April 06, 2007

Siapa lagi ada disisi?Siapa...

i can't think now ah...jz leave me alone..

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