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Monday, April 28, 2008

Finally updating!Haha!

Ok,first and foremost,i really want Saiful and Safiee to get well soon.
I really miss those two.
You Mat Reps got nothing better to do but just pick a fight right?Why do you use a parang and not bare hands?Fight like a man next time.

Went to see my Bro's at SGH yesterday,the sight was so heartaching.Fuck la...

I couldn't bear the sight of them in their hospital beds.I stayed with Saiful beside his bed,was nearly in tears.I tried my best to make him happy since he was really injured.Fed him,i treat him like my own flesh and blood,and i treat all my Brothers And Sisters Rock and Metal like my own Flesh And Blood.Haiz..It was such a heartache..

School was great,been tiring man...really tired..haha...Almost down with my project..ok then..till here.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008


On the phone with Lemon...
Guess what!?She's grounded!Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo!Hahaha...

Ok so tomorrow is going to be my first day of school!Wee!Can't wait...Haha...

Yesterday went jamming with W.A.R...Ok,you guys still need to improve on your synchronizations..Haha...

After that met mum at JP to buy school accessories...Haha...

Then went to religious class...

Then went home...

Then talked with Dilah...Duh...Then nothing happen..

Fell asleep outside...Hahah!

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Wanted to sleep early yesterday...But Dilah called...She sound so sad...Haish...

We talked,then she cried...She blames herself for making me who i am now...I don't know...She say i changed a lot...Did I?

"Maan dulu suke betol dress up..tetapi smalam maan lepas perform teros pakai relek.."

It's true,i used to dress up till i got back home...

"Dulu Maan sukena kacau Dilah sampai buat Dilah marah,p skarang..Maan senyap jek.."

It's also true...Love to irritate her,now i just don't have the strength...

"You used to smile Maan,but now,you don't.."

Do i?Friends,have i stopped smiling?

I don't know...All of a sudden i was pissed and started to raise my voice,so did she...In the end we got off without a peaceful note....Sigh...

Tried to call her today,but she off her hp,haiz...

Looks like Lemon sms-ed Me,Siraj and Bopeng early this morning asking how were we...Kind of funny the way i see it...

Yea,i was moody yesterday night at Anugerah Band,even getting into the top 20 didn't seem much...Was kind of tired and really wanting to go home...

Lemon and Zyzii thought i was sick,but i wasn't...Thanks for the thought guys...

About the break-up between Siraj and Lemon,i don't want to be a part of it...

Siraj doesn't even respect me nowadays...Thinking i'm always wrong...
I don't know...Till i think he has forgotten me...
Someone said that Siraj would only be with you when he has problems...I don't want to think about it...

Am i just someone whom people come for help and leave when it's all gone?

I just want to leave the world right now...
You just don't know how much i'm suffering...

Be strong Bopeng,no matter what...
Be strong Siraj,no matter what...
Be strong Lemon,no matter what...
Be strong Dilah,no matter what...
Be strong my bro's and sis's no matter what...

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mercenarian made it through,but i'm kind of lazy to talk about it...

After eating,resting and praying,i sat on my sofa and called Mon,guess i got kind of bored...But we talked for a couple of minutes only...I just felt like standing outside of my house...And so i did...

I brought my mp3 along and listened to Yesterday's Eyes...I swear to God,my eyes was filled with tears,but i didn't roll down cause i tried to control it...

I just stand and stared at the night sky...
Heaved a big sigh...
I just couldn't control it...

She likes him...
He likes her...
That's the story now...
There's no Me in it...And it'll never be...And i don't want to be the spoil of it...
I guess it's best this thing wouldn't be blurted out..hais...

Maan Rosewood

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Never ever test my loyalty to my brothers and sisters...

I'm not talking gangsterism or whatsoever...

But if the truth were to come out...

I'll tell straight to your face...

I didn't took her heart,cause i need to think of ours...

NO family of mine should be hurt...Never...

If you fail to see this,then i don't know what to say...

The time hasn't come yet,and i hope it doesn't

Rae da gantong metal..mcm gantong baju plak aku bbl..haha..tkdeluh...dier da bkn metal lagi...so sad...tk npk sis kiter lagi...awww....bile aku nk relek eh?lagi 20 tahun ah maybe...haha...nta la eh...ahaha...masi aku bole rock,aku rock jek la...haha...

nyarie anugerah band beb...aku da blaja dari mistake...seblom kuar...MAKAN MAAN....walaupun muntah...gi makan dulu..biar tekak ader kahak..so moisture ader!!!nanti mcm last audition,tekak kering nak mampus..haha..

nyarie nk kuar kul 8.30....hai.....pey penat...wuushooo...umpe kai kul 9...beh umpe bopeng kul 9 jgk...harap ni kai tk lambat ah...dekni..janji kul rape...p ampai kul rape...nasib ni competition..dtg la siang...lau tak...hmm...mcm unggu durian jatuh beb..pey lame!!!!

ckp psl unggu org lame2...haha...aku masi ingat beb...unggu syahrul bwh blok dier tuk gi skola same2...adoi...kater pat pintu da nk kuar...tau2...aru nk kuar pintu toilet...dari cepat...ke lambat aku gi skola..haha..power2....

kk!korang pena tak buat keje bodoh..mesti ah...da name manusia...kk..aku teringat crite lame aku..mase aku sec 2 ah rase...aku,syahrul,khai gi cycling...beh khai kater..lau dier tengok kiri..semue belok kiri..lau tgk kanan semue belok kanan..lau tgk atas...semue break ah...ok..phm tau kitr...so kiter go riding2 ah....semue ok tau...khai yg lead the way duh!haha...beh satu part ni...kiter pat rough terrain...tau2 khai tgk atas...aku pn tgk atas ah...syahrul pn same!

aper jadi?korang tk bace betol?hahaa...berlanggar ah kiter semue!haha..aku ngn syahrul luper lau khai tgk atas,semue break...haha..dier break..kiter TAK...haha..jadi berlanggar...kiwak..kekek2...haha

haha...beh ader satu kali ni..pat dlm klass..ni sec 5 sia..last year..org bz o lvls...aku,wan,syahrul...and....SATU CLASS...waktu cikgu nga ajar...kiter nyanyi lagu..power kan!!hahahaha..

Ms Wee dari rajin2 suroh aku blaja sampai mls nk tegor aku..haha...aku syg ah zaman sec aku..

ah..lau korang tekun sgt kan..korang akan prasan seluar jean biru gelap aku ader patch putih pat lutut kiri...tu hafiz ah!!!nuRR!!hahah...lepas main cs psl cabot terawih...lepak bwh blok ah ngn din,fiz,syed,syahrul,zul,raop and tk ingat saper lagi..beh ader lipas..aku mcm jauhkan diri..si syahrul pekik!maan takot lipas!!si fiz tros angkat tu bende kejar aku..aku pey takot..haha..aku lari sampai bank sia...beh dier tk dpt kejar...imagine ah..aku bdn bsr..dier kurus and cross country nyer org..haha..tk dpt kejar...hehe..laju kan?beh 2nd time dier kejar...syed tangkap aku...aku lepaskan diri..tibe2 ter-power slide atas lantai carpark..pey pedi!!!haha.....tu sbb ader patch putih pat jeans aku..hehe..klaj kla..nk kuar ni..slamat ah korang..

Maan Rosewood

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Friday, April 04, 2008


How Many More....

Must I Make....

To Be Happy....

I let you go,so that someone else could be happy...

It's not that i'm going back on my words...

I'm just slapping myself to reality...

You seem happy with him...

He is too...

You have feelings for him...

He too...

Its better this way...

I don't want to declare my love...

A lot is at stake...

I just hope,you'll be happy...Ok?

"Lelaki yang baik,hanya untuk perempuan yang baik"
Took this from Kiamat Sudah Dekat,it means a lot...

So i guess,you,that guy,you know who you are...

Be a good man...And i really mean it...Be a good one...Take care of her for me...

Don't tell her anything about me...

Just live as though i never existed...

Aku berdoa,agar engkau selamat ditangan dia...
Aku berdoa,agar engkau selamat dimana-mana...
Aku berdoa,agar engkau selalu bergembira...
Aku berdoa,agar engkau tidak dikecewa...
Aku berdoa,agar engkau tidak diluka...


Tidak mengapalah,aku bersyukur bahawa aku masih hidup untuk melihatmu bahagia...

Walaupun hidupku gelap dan terdesak,Allah sering berada denganku...
Dan menerangi hidupku...



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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I am the one!
The one!
Who lost control!
But in the end i'll be the last man standing...Tall!!!!!!

Haha!It's a song from Hammerfall called Last Man Standing.

Damn,i miss my Hammerfall days,haha.
Ok,i'm not a Rocker nor a Metalhead,i'm in between both i think?Haha...
But i'm more of the Metal maniac side,something which nobody knows...Haha...
Even in my secondary school days,people thought me of a Rocker 100%.

Tell me,who in the right mind would want to play Stratovarious or Hammefall at the age of 14?Haha,me!

But at that time,i was a Manowar person,one who would die and fight for metal.Only at that time,i was alone!Haha.

I did made a band to play tribute to Hammerfall and Stratovarious,that was when i was in sec 3?Haha.But it didn't last long,cause i didn't have any friends that were damn interested.If only i had known Kasman sooner,i think i'll be like them?Nah!Haha.I love metal,but not to their extreme...Haha...

But it's good to have Melodic Death around,just to scare off those other puny metals like Metalcore?Haha...

Joey from Manowar once said,"If you hate metal,then your're not my friend"...

Used to take in this seriously,haha.

I'm now into Power/Speed Metal again.Listening to Edguy non-stop.Argh!Haha...

Vision Divine-La Vittu Fuge,listen to that song people!Haha!...

What makes Rock n' Metal unique to me?Haha...

Both are heavy,both are about being wild,both are about AAA(Although i'm not one),and their music makes me go headbang...

Back in my seconday school days,people would watch me headbang alone,such a sad incident...Till i was laughed at?Can you believe that?Haha...

I would headbang to the sounds of Hammerfall...I still remember Khai asking me why i did that...Haha...

But in all,i'm into Heavy...Both Rock N' Metal...Haha...


Ok lah..bye!

Maan Rosewood

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's 12:10 PM now,going out around 20 mins time to meet Dilah.
Just to pass something to her only,nothing more...

Like i say,Dilah and Me have nothing together anymore...No feelings whatsoever...

What i'm going to do today?I don't know...I want to meet my family(Rockers N' Metalheads) but i'm just too tired...

I read at Mon's blog on how much I meant to her as a Bro,am touched.Love you too Sis.

Two years ago,I was just a normal average teenager,having normal un-reached teen dreams of having a great band that everyone would know,being the most important person in someone's life and all...

But today,i'm that person...I have a great band that many people love and know our song...I'm not the most important person in life,but a looked-up upon person in the Rock/Metal arena...

Made some great friends along the way..People like Kasman,who i give a big salute.
People like Saiful,Zul,Dzul,Marc and many more...

People who i hold dearly are like Siraj,Lemon and utmost my band.

That's all..

Maan Rosewood

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