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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The gig yesterday?Was truly awesome!

Thank You Rockvival for inviting me as your Guest Vocal with Jebat.It was truly magical!Magical sounds girly,well,it was truly orgasmic?Hahaha...Yes Savvia,your word!Haha!

Okay....Then i was incharge of the lighting and hell yea i did a great job!Haha!!
Humble can rest one corner for this yea!!!HAha!

Then was invited to stage by Brader Bo to give the crowd a taste of Local Band Music!!!!!!HAha!I mean,i sang them Spellbound's original,Hiroshima.
It was great man!!!Finally!I can show my love to Spellbound!!!Haha!!

When the crowd cheered,i was like,oh my god......Haha!!
Then Rahmat Malex let me sing a few of their songs with him!WOOO!!!

Haha,total counted,3 times the name Maan Rosewood is being mention to the crowd!!!!!I'm sooooooo not being humble now...hahaha

At the end of the day,i got loads of compliments like great lighting works and vocals!!!Wee!!!!ader orang cair dgr suare aku...ahhaha!!!!

okok..Humble time...


but i did cut myself against the stage...stupid maan..haha

oh well....

I think i'm not ready to commit though
Oh well...I still wana enjoy life!haha..

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian?

Doro Pesch of Warlock?

Timo Antero Kotipelto of Stratovarius?

Ailyn of Sirenia?


These bands and their singers have been in my head...Haha...Especially Doro...wooo.....pretty...haha..

i like her voice n her clothes...wow.....haha..serious siols...

Hansi doesnt dress much but his voice is like magical...dunnoe y...

Timo?haha..angelic at times...

Ailyn too!!

wee...haha...looking tru utube of female metal vocals...

can i marry one?seriously...
haha...dress in full leather for our wedding...wa!!!aha

maybe i should huh!?haha..semue pakai baju kurung..aku pakai satu set of leather ah...bole per...tk slh...

skool is dead bored now..haha..i mean jz now...ony 20 peeps turn up coz the rest had soccer match n some cabot to support..left with me,aini and syidah..baikk...

aku sorang laki mlayu!haha...so damn bored..then cikgu tak ajar...adoi...

i NEED TO GET A LAP TOP!!really really...haha...

so when i get bored in class...i can watch utube and watch my darl Doro!haha...
nonono..dun think that i'm like u loving harry porter n wanting to marry him...

but really la...can i get Doro...

i use to like Hilary Duff u noe?haha!!!cool right..oo..and i like Miley Cyrus too!!!!argh!!haha..she's ony 16...ader chance!haha...

k lame la...

k back to reality..

tomorow going jam with RV...heee...this is the 4th or 5th time i got called up to be a guest vocal...honoured!haha..

still dunnoe wat song yet...need to wait for black's decision...woweee!!


Love Is On The Way by Saigon Kick is damn nice...


gonna miss Dan...bro u take care aite...jgn nakal2 dlm prison..so bole kuar cpt siket...

I'm listening to the song Scandal by Scandal...ok..one thing..i dun like the guitarist!haha

i mean..i dun hold grudges at people..but really la...Izzat Malmsteen!?!haha..his skills are godly...but his perangai are like....dunnoe?!

stead with zyzy...but left her...gosh...then still can kiss her on the first outing..wat the...betol nyer mat rock ah dier..

Babes,Sex,Rock N' Roll

Babes,Coke,Rock N' Roll

Babes,Ciggs,Rock N' Roll

Babes,Booze,Rock N' Roll

seriously la..get a life...

Light a cigarette,drink a few bottles of booze,have some 'coke',and lay some chicks...Woo...that's the stuff...NOT!haha...

play music so u can get all those?
no wonder....

i wana have Gene Simmons tongue!
it's long...weee...haha..

ooo..Bruce Dickinson,Rob Halford

Combine them both..

and u'll get...


Lame shit ass dork..yea..i noe...but cool!haha

k la....gtg..>!!bye!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ah!!Cinderella!!!so cool la tis band!haha

Nobody's Fool-Cinderella

Here's the lyrics!

I count the fallen tears
They fall before my eyes
Seems like a thousand years
Since we broke the ties
I call you on the phone
But never get a rise
So sit there all alone
It's time you realized

I'm not your fool
Nobody's fool, nobody's fool
I'm no fool
Nobody's fool, nobody's fool
Never again, no no

You take your road, I'll take mine
The paths have both been beaten
Searching for a change of pace
Life needs to be sweetened
I scream my heart out
Just to make a dime
With that dime I bought your love
But now I've changed my mind

I'm not your fool
Nobody's fool, nobody's fool
I'm no fool
Nobody's fool, nobody's fool
Never again, no no

I count the fallen tears
They fall before my eyes
Seems like a thousand years
Since we broke the ties

I'm not your fool
Nobody's fool, nobody's fool
I'm no fool
Nobody's fool, nobody's fool
Never again, no no

argh..the liriks...soooooo good!haha..

I'm NOT YOU FOOL!haha...
bloody fool..haha..kekek pn ader..p realli..sdp dokz...

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Monday, August 18, 2008

I like this version better than Raihan's one...Cause Haddad Alwi's voice is soooo....I don't know...Haha...

Btw,i did make my own version of this!Wahaha!!!But that was like 9 months ago,it said so in my imeem...Hehe

Well,life is okay now...It's stable...

Went to buy Raya clothes last sat,with my uncle who teaches me ngaji...
He said that don't be afraid,i treated you as my son long ago already..
Was so touched...

Anyways,he treated my whole family to dinner as well at West Coast..

Mum is going on well now,she's falling ill less,but still falling ill...

Oh well,like Achmad say,there's always a reason for every problem..I respect that guy a whole lot...It's a pity the girl he loved passed away...Sigh,be strong Achmad...
You're still young bro!!!His words are words of wisdom...Never have i meant someone soooo 'pure' like him...I'm glad that i quit his band,so he can concentrate on his stuff...Cause he's been you know,in the mosque,helping out,despite school,and yet still have time with friends.And he talks so calmly...haha..He's the first person not to laugh at me when i say i didn't know how to pray 2 years ago...Instead,he helped..He's such a nice dude la!!!...May God bless him...Amin..

ooo!!!!aeh syarmilla!!!u're dead meat i tell u!!dead meat!!!u made me wait for an hour...haha!!padahal aku yg lambat!haha...p ko lagi lambat!!grrr!haha...

ooo..kirim slm abg ko ye...dier hardcore nyer otai..haha!!

Ramadhan is nearing...I've planned to study back all my madrasah notes...haha...cause it struck me that well,Someone told me bout the solat sya'aban..haha...yea..it struck me...so i better revise all again..Yeap...then waking up for sahur,then go ngaji in my room...

I just pray for everybody's well-being.
I pray to God to give me strength to undergo all these problems that he faced me.
Enlightened my future,enlightened everyone's future.
Strengthen my relationship with everyone,so there will be no enemies.
Strengthen my relationship with my loved ones,so there will be peace.

asal aku doa sini?haha...aku baru prasan..tkpe..but that's partly wat it's my heart..ader byk lagi..haha..


Maan Rosewood

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't Know What You've Got,Till It's Gone by Cinderella

Its about me,my life,my past,my story...

The way i look at it,it's true...You don't know what you've got till it's really,really gone.She made a sudden decision to end it...The minute she say those words...I felt that my world was falling apart...You may not know how much you mean to me,but it really means a lot...But we got together again...Thank God..

People,i've learnt that,you shouldn't change because someone gave up on you,or you had lost everything.It means that you have given up the fight...As though you have given up on yourself...Are you going to change everytime something doesn't go your way...No...You shouldn't...

Yes,my dad left us to live on our own...But i didn't change...Cause i know,i have to stay strong,to support my family,to be happy with what i've got.Instead of frowning over what you've lost,look at what you've gain...Instead of always looking at the negative side...Look on the positive side...Look real hard...Then you'll realise...You've been a fool all this time...

Yes we do lose people on the way,but if it's our fault,we blame ourself,and make ourself better,not worse...But look at the new friends we made...And don't repeat the same mistakes...Yes we live our life once,but don't waste it...

To tell you the truth,when my parents split,i just wanted to be,you know,a spoilt brat...But,i look at what i've got...I've got my mum,my little brother,and her...That keeps me going on...If i fail,so will they...I can't put the threat on others because of me....So please people,think first...You'll regret if you went the wrong way...

If something bad happens,just look at what you've got,and thank God that you still have it...Hatred,Damnation,Jealousy,Confusion,push it all aside please...That's where your ego will come...And don't keep saying you're always right...Accept the blame if it's really yours...

Change...Change for the better...Think,yes people may not think of you,this is the world,but you must think of the people...No matter what...Be mature in understanding...You don't have to hit back if they hit you...There's better stuff in life...

As long as people see you..How you've been patient and all,they'll come to respect that and understand you better...Let the past be the past,don't linger over it by making your life worst because of others...

Because those who love you,will be affected if you yourself don't love yourself and accept what has been done...By changing for the worst,you still haven't accept what has been done and still lingering in the past...

I've got a new life...I've got my family,Someone and my friends...
Yes,they river may flow,but it'll still stop somewhere...
You may say goodbye here,but you'll still meet again...
That's what i've been going through...

I use to take things for granted...Treating people like shit..
Now people are treating me like shit...But i need to be patient...Yes,like Someone say,stand up for yourself,i do,indirectly,so once they know,it'll hit them so deep that they'll regret being that way...

So in conclusion,be that better person,no matter how hard the situation is...Cause that's the only way you'll win...Do you want them to laugh at you cause they made the problem and you became the problem too,by wasting your life and all?NO!
Be the solution,if it still doesn't go anywhere,then they are the problem,not you!

So people,hear me out,i'm here,i'm who i am...Cause i learnt from my mistakes,and by doing that,i believe that i can be a better person...
Keep that faith,no matter how hard it seems,it'll always come out good in the end if you know what you've done is true and good...

Someone,i'm sorry that i'm not there for you,i've been weak,i've been putting tears in your eyes,i've been making you mad...Especially in these times...I'm really sorry,and i've learnt from my mistakes...You really meant a lot to me...If i can show it to you,i would have...Have faith,the same words you told me...Don't give up on yourself,cause if you do,you've given up on everything,and you've given up on me...So please don't...Be strong...

You too Syiqin,be strong aite little girl!Haha...Bopeng,Zyzii,Ahmad(Shrek),be strong,no matter what...

Oh!Syarmilla!You owe me a gig!!Haha!!!Damn you!!!!!

This is for Someone....

I Still Love You by KISS

Maan Rosewood

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One after another...
One after another...
One after another...

Why can't you just own up your mistakes!

You're 50+!
Be MATURED for crying out loud!

I want to hear you say it!Not your new wife!
Why can't you just say what you want to say instead of people saying it for you...


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