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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Official Last In Line Trailer!

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The picture above is a mini-movie by final year project for a friend of mine.

And guess what!?

Mercenarian's first original,Peluru Terakhir is actually one of the Soundtracks in it!Haha!

I just received the DVD and the Official Soundtrack of it.

Damn cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Mercenarian's track is number 6!!!!

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Red,now i just noticed...

*Gleefully looking at the computer screen*




It's the colour of my post,and every post!
I start out with red!
Maybe that's my favourite colour?
My first colour is Red!Then Black!

Okay,i'm simply bored to mati!

Woke up at 9.40 am this morning.
Actually my mum woke me up cause she wants me to start up the bike and warm it up before she goes to service it.

After i've done that,i was on the com,as usual!
Played an online game called Bushtarion.


Go and eat at Mayuni Omar Music Cafe with my family!
Haha!Going to treat them!
That's why i can't go to HA's outing tomorrow at Seoul Garden,cause i'll be broke already!But i'll come down for the chill-out session!

Was suppose to meet Syed today to get the DVD.

Woo!A big achievement for Mercenarian!

Why?Cause Syed is doing his final year project which has to do with video's and clips.

He made his so called mini-drama with our song in it!Cool Shitzney!Haha

However i told him to pass to Kak Ain of the cafe as i'll be dining there later.


I'm out of words,topic,chapters,subjects,catergory!


Damn!That is an old photo i found in my photobucket!Haha!

And oh my!Take a look at my old band!
Twisted Vines(a.k.a Rock-Et Rolls)


My old Pop-Punk band when i was in Sec 3!Haha!!
Volatile Liquid!

the band

I still remember the time when i did this collage to be placed under my desk cover!Haha


Haha!!LANUN!The birth of Mercenarian!

Ah!My 'what-used-to-be-guitar-set'


Nostalgic Pics!

Don't laugh!I was only sec 2 or 3 here!Haha!


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Monday, March 30, 2009

Today is Monday?


Woke up at around 12 cause i'm meeting Wan Punk at City Hall around 2pm.
Around 12.15,May called requesting me to come down to school at help him out.

Dude,i'm only halfway through my holidays and you want me to come down to school?OK!!!!Haha!

So dragged my BUTT all the way to ITE Clementi and met up with May.

Finished around 1.30?Then went to City Hall 7-11 to meet up with Wan Punk around 2.30.

Went to the tailor to take my pants,then Wan Punk wanted to go to Davis to buy some guitar parts which he damaged!Haha
While waiting for Lat,Wan Punk asked me to buy Ciggies for him.
And he wanted the cheapest one which is Limos.

I was like,what the heck?What brand is that!!??

Turns out,it's an APEK-APEK Ciggies!The smell is soooooo Tar-Ish!!!!Haha

And the best part is,the Ciggies wrote on the box saying,Class A Cigs.
Class APEK!Haha!

So Lat didn't came down,and we took 111 all the way to my house.

Chill out and check some hilarious Rock/Metal videos and some cartoons.

Seriously!You guys should check out this guy trying to sing She's Gone and he literally gave up in front of the cam singing the song!Haha..Effing Hilarious!

Wan Punk left around 6.30

Watched Ben 10,ahhh,my favourite show.

Now i'm waiting for Desperate Housewife and Mind Your Language!Haha


Mercenarian's Comeback gig will be on 17th May at Bellzone which is located in Tanjong Pagar and our slot is around 3.30?

Buy the tickects from us,however i'm not known to the price of admission yet,so wait ya?Haha!

And to Nat,


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This Is Luqmaanul-Hakeem

This Is Maan Rosewood

This is what you get for mixing Luqmaanul-Hakeem and Maan Rosewood



Ok guys,here's the final conclusion.

Yes,Maan Rosewood and Black Rockvival are stepping down from Rockers League as the Organisers and Leaders.

We are passing the Organising Committee to May,Topo and Siraj.With 2 new recruits waiting to be enlisted!

The handing over of Rockers League will be soon and either to one of those 3 names mentioned above.

And NO MR IMRAN,i'll never leave Mercenarian.

I've spoke to my mum,that i'm willing to sell my Dean guitar which is Vendetta Series for $600 and let her take my maintainence money to keep the maid.
And mum replied that she won't let me sell my guitar,nor take my money.
And she just hope that my music life doesn't clash with my responsibilities at home.

I hope my friends out there understand that i may not be able to attend outings at times,and not because of any stupid excuses,however because of the commitments i have at home!

To Mercenarian,thanks for understanding my situation,and i really love the commitment you guys put into this band.

Oh!Can i say this once?



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This gathering issue has to stop guys

You guys are just tearing apart your friendship that you guys build for so long...

Yes one side may be right,the other wrong,but who has the final say?
All of us have our own opinions

For me,i'll still come for gatherings,(Depends on the time now since i got my family responsibilities to handle),however,Dressing Up for me is only during gigs.

Why?Cause,yeah,i don't want to attract much attention,however,the main reason is,it's going to be hot!!!Haha

Yes,Maan Rosewood used to dress up in full Leather or full Denim during gatherings,however i find it hot and pespiring is sooooo no needed when you're stuffy...Haha..So that's my view..

And i'm putting aside my "Outfits" as my mum calls it,and buy more "Smart" or "Casual" wear clothes.

Seriously,going out with my Non-Rock/Metal friends makes me the odd one out!Haha...

With other people in their Baleno or G2000 wear,Diesel stuff and all.


Maan Rosewood is still Maan Rosewood

And Luqmaanul-Hakeem can only be found when i'm not doing "Music-Related" stuff...You guys should see me in my smart outfit..Haha!!!

And guys,let's stop arguing ah...
Remember that you guys were once together strong because of music...
Let's just stop this debate about whose in the right and wrong...

Judgment is not for you to make

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ok,the gathering was like trekking...Seriously...

I wanted to dress-up,but in the end,i just wore my old Denim Jeans and a Loudness T!

Why didn't i dress-up?Hahas,well caused i stopped dressing up for gatherings since last year...

And Jebat,there's no need to worry about uniting the Metal and Rockers,why?Cause at gigs,we can all be there...Don't be a cheapy and not buy tickets to support your Rock and Metal friends.

And uniting is actually individual's act.

And to those who have forgotten what i told you guys last year...

No need to dress-up for gatherings anymore,just dress-up for gigs.
Old Mercenarian,remember that sentence?

But nevermind,thanks to Jebat for the effort of organising this trekking adventure.

Next gathering,i'm just going to dress in my smart self already...
I'm getting ready for my Adult-Working-Life

And guys,if i were to leave the music world,
remember me!Haha..Cause i'll come back!

My music future is still uncertain

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Maybe passing down the responsibility of Rockers League is a good thing.
Well,i've got bigger stuff in life to worry about,like my family...Sigh...

Mum had to sell away her van just to cut cost...Cause her earning isn't much and she needs to have more cash to support the family...
She got a job as a 'Sort-Of-Security-Liked-Job' at NUH...
And she's going to send our maid home to cut even more cost...

And as the eldest,i might have to sacrifise my music-career in order to support the well-being and moral of my little brother.

I'm sorry guys,but if the day were to come,i'll be gone...
I need to be that 'Dad,Brother and Son' all at once for the sake of my family...
I might not have time for gatherings,jams,or even gigs...
Weekdays,get home from school,take my little brother home,tutor him...
Weekends,send and take him home from tuition and madarasah...Sun,tutor him more,where can i have the time to spare for my music life...

My mum is going to work shifts...Sigh...

So guys....I might leave this music-world,one day...And that day may come real soon...

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Okay...So today is Monday!

Grrr...I've lost track of time during holidays!


Oh my,i still remember being reminded not to giggle by Someone cause i'm a guy...Haha...Still remembers!!!!

I left home around 11.45 yesterday to meet up with Mimin Spider(Fuhlermak) and Zylaa at Buona Vista Mrt,and as always...LATE!Haha...

Took train to Little India and met Kai,Bopeng,Suzy and Black,and this guy whom i know of but don't know his name!
After that we headed to Mahligai to practise our surprise song for Adilah from Carrie which was Insan Yang Aku Kagumi by Osairis!

Gig started at around 3 plus?And Phenomenon did two songs just as an opening and i sand Wasted Years for them...
After that a few bands performed then it was Carrie's turn...
It was my first time not dressing up fully for the occasion even though there was a gathering after that...Well it's because most of the songs Carrie is bringing is mellowed down but high on notes...So i just want to be relaxed...Just wore Black Jeans,Loudness Shirt,and my normal Black Boots...

Rampage came to support and awww!I love those guys...
Man in their 30's acting like gay kids in their teens?Haha...
Sang A Tale That Wasn't Right,and Jebat wanted to tear cause of the little message i told to the crowd bout Dilah's condition...Sigh...I was almost in tears too,went off key a little bit because of that...

Haha...She hates me when i call out her full name!

Then did the surprise performance with Black and it was unplugged...Awww...So of the girls wanted to cry...Was touched...And NAT!You were LATE!Haha..

The rest of the day,me and my Headbanging Buddy were a little bored cause not all of the bands brought heavy music...But we had fun!Haha...

Nam!!My favourite brother from another mother and father...
That guy can crack up any jokes on the spot...You guys should meet him...

After the gig,we went to PS to have out gathering...This time it was kind of separated,don't know why..Then i headed off around 10.30 after disgusting the peeps with vomit!Haha...

Reached home around 11.30 i think...

I'm so tired again..

Oh oh oh!!!!

This was a picture of me and my Best Man who used to be my Pop-Punk Drummer
This was in 2005 or 2006 i can't remember..

And here we are in 2009!


Awww...I miss that dude...Haha...


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Monday, March 09, 2009

-Past Events-


Gig at Gas Haus


Rock Alive 28/07/2007

You'll Never Rock Alone (Knightwings EP Launching) 18/8/2007


Metarawk 27/01/2008

M.R G.I.G 09/03/2008

Amourgeddon 8/6/2008 (Rosewood Invitated As Guest Vocal For The Bullet)

Kamikaze Assault 22/06/2008

Silver Rock Gig 6/07/2008 (Rosewood Invited As Guest Vocal For Kingslavez)

Yew Tee Battle Of The Bands 27/7/2008 Metarawk 2 10/08/2008 (Rosewood Invited As Guest Vocal For Fancy Rockerz)

Dimentia Outbreak 2 23/08/2008

Mari Kita Rock 19/10/2008 (Rosewood Invited As Guest Vocal For Ironchild,Phenomenon,Opurzit Youth and Rockvival)

Rock Terus Rock 23/11/2008 (Rosewood Invited As Guest Vocal For Rockvival)

Kamikaze Assault Returns 13/12/2008(And Rosewood Invited As Guest Vocal For Carrie)


Music Resolution 25/1/2009(Rosewood Invited As Guest Vocal For Carrie)

Music Save The Savage Beast 15/2/2009(Rosewood Invited As Guest Vocalist For Ignified Sins)

Tribute To 80's 22/2/2009(Rosewood Invited As Guest Vocalist For Fireblade and Phenomenon)

Tribute To Rusty Blade Competition 28/2/2009(Rosewood As Vocalist For Project Band,Rinjani Projex)

Rebellion 7/3/2009(Rosewood As Guest Vocalist For Legion,Skullmania and Convergence(E-Thereal))

My Music Portfolio since 2006...

If you believe,you'll go far...Thanks to Black from Rockvival!

But i've been thinking, till where will my music carry me...

Just got lectured by my mum yesterday bout me always having this "life" and not worrying about home...

Well if you put it that way,well i've been neglecting home so much...
Carrie wanted me to sing for them for this Sunday's show,but i got to turn them down as i'm too tired from my past shows...Seriously,the fatigue has set in...And it's kind of hard to memorise some of the lyrics now...

Suhaila,an original from Carrie is still stuck in my head,lols...!

Last sat was my show with Convergence.

Actually it was suppose to be E-Thereal,however their vocalist,Niz was called in for work in Mumbai and they had to call in Zul and Jumat(Kebayan) from Spellbound to take over.Spellbound on the other hand have some internal problems so they called in Kramat,he on the other hand fell ill and couldn't sing.In the end,Lan from E-Thereal called me in,actually he called me before Spellbound but i turn him down in the first place..Hearing what happened,i decided to play for them..

This was the setlist

As I Am - Dream Theater

Master Of Puppets - Metallica

Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen

I Want Out - Helloween

The Trooper - Iron Maiden

And to tell you the truth,i had trouble with Dream Theater and Yngwie Malmsteen songs cause i'm not a casual listener to their songs...

I was afraid to sing Master Of Puppets cause firstly,it's from Metallica,and they are Trash...I was afraid that my style of bringing their song would not be suitable...However,i just brought it into my own version,haha...Which was normal high vocal...Even Topo commented,"Master Of Puppets pon high aeh ko..gile jgk..haha"

And i got feedback from Trash fans that it suited fine..Lucky!Haha..

So ended up with a blast...Haha

Sang Mr Crowley for Skullmania as the vocalist say he couldn't sing and play the song at the same time...That was one of the reasons why i stopped playing the guitar as it affects singing as well..

So i was thinking,which version should i bring,Ozzy's version or Malmsteen?

Ah well,i though i'd just bring my own version...It's a mix of both Ozzy and Malmsteen's actually...

As a vocalist,i've realise how much people love you for being yourself..

When i first started out,all i wanted to be was like Bruce Dickinson!Serious!Haha..

Then i wanted to be like Rob Halford...However,when people start to say that i'm the next Bruce or Rob,it kind of hurt me cause i'm just being another follower and not the setter...

Treasure your voice for who you are and not wanting to be like your idol!Haha..

Mr Crowley!What went on in your head!
Mr Crowley!Did you talk to the dead!Haha

Damn,i feel like playing God Gave Rock And Roll To You by Kiss!!!!

Oh ya!Here's some pics of 2008-2009!Haha..



Many didn't recognise me in that photo!Haha


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Monday, March 02, 2009

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Was suppose to have jamming today,but it was cancelled as Mamad is in DB and Jebat didn't learn all the songs that was required...

So we ended up with a new plan!
That was to have Dinner together...Awww...Lols...

By 6 i was out and headed towards Bugis...
We wanted to dine at Mayuni but it's closed on Mondays!Grr!
Met Wan Iron at Golden Landmark,then proceeded to Beat Merchants to meet up with Wong Plywood and Aisyah!Haha..*Inside Joke*

Waited for Jebat..
Then Jebat came with Topo,Azri,Kid,May,Apul and Fuzz(New Guy)...

Okay,the plan was just to have Mercenarian Dinner,but what the heck,the more the merrier,but the guys already ate...


So i made a plan to go Haji Lane to eat and maybe sisha...
Most of them agreed,so we went there...

We ordered two sishas...
One apple,one cherry...
Apple has always been my favorite!Haha..

Then i ordered Chicken N' Chips and Orea Shake...
So as we're eating,i asked Nisman,when are we going to talk with Merc...He said later...

So after i finished my meal,i suck a few sips of the sucker...Haha!

U Suck,U Pay!

My Motto!

Then pulled Jebat one side to talk bout Merc with Nisman and Wan Iron...

Had a long chat which was like 45 mins..I wanted it to be longer but we got to wrap it up as Wan had to go off...

Then the rest went off,it was down with Me,Fuzz,Nisman,Aisyah and Wan Punk(Came Later)

Fuzz became my new laughing buddy even though we just met!Haha...

So finished up sucking the nice apple sucker...Headed off to Golden Landmark to lepak..

Bought Redbull to get my tongue spiked!Haha...And i bought the Classic Glass Redbull where the logo was still white,red and blue...!Haha

Went to lepak one corner and chatted and had a blast...

Fuzz: So what do you guys do during your weekends?

Us:*Looking Blank*

Fuzz: Don't you guys go clubbing?Partying?Drinking?

Aisyah: Nah,stop drinking already.

Me: I don't drink Bro.

Fuzz: You got to be kidding me!

Us:*Just Smiled*

Fuzz: So what do you guys do literally on weekends?

Me: We just go fucking.

Fuzz:*Raise Eyebrow*Man!?And all this while i've just been drinking?*Laughs*

You got to be there to really know the joke...Haha...

Fuzz made a lot of joke,and loads of his joke backfired on him which made it even more hilarious!

By looking at the time,its already 10.10...
So we headed off..

But we went to Raffles Hospital to have our Pee-Break..
Damn Me and Fuzz are the Horniest-Dude on this earth!We were like talking bout Girls!Girls!Girls!

And all the sex-related-topics!Haha..
While Pee-ing!Wan Punk laughed so i shouted gleefully telling him not to laugh cause it hurts when you laugh and you pee!Haha..

Then Wan Punk wanted to looked at me but i looked at him back!However he react wrongly and looked down!

Imagine,you're pee-ing and the other guy looks down...

I shouted,"Wan Gay Sia!"


And that small toilet echoed with our laughters!
Wan was filled with embarrassment but kept looking at my zip!Haha!

Poor guy,don't know how to react!Haha...

Said our final goodbyes at Bugis MRT and headed back with Fuzz as he stays at Queenstown...

In the MRT we talked business like gig-making and all...He wanted to organise a gig but had no kakis..No i gave him a few pointers...Yea maybe we'll organise a gig soon!

Word Of The Day:

You Suck,You Pay!

Damn today i had such great fun!Haha...
Got to lepak with Fuzz again soon!

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