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Monday, June 19, 2006

hey....well..just came back from religious class at my cousin's house..his dad teachers me...well...i didnt know that someone close to u could sense till they dream that u have a problem...my grandma....she could tell that i have problems at home but i dare not say anything....haix....she dreamt of me she confessed and that she could'nt sleep in the night because she knew something was wrong....

well..nth much to update...tc.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

heyz...wassup?haha...well..nth to do actually..how ar u people out there?ok?

well...wana write bout my band here...just had an arguement with my vox yesterday night..well...he was kinda upset that he missed a jamming session since he need to go to malaysia and he was kinda mad at me cause i told the band to just go on...well adam...i'm not the leader...we all are...'representative' is wat mad said....yes...we booked..u can't come...it's not much of a big deal right?it's just one...was partly my fault...wat to do...4 yrs being a band leader then all of a sudden become the band into a leader itself...so its' a lil hard...

well..now everything is sort out...hope it doesnt occur again...dotz..
now bout the band..hehe...

we have Achmad,Fawwaz,Adam,Rif,Hafizah,Nizam and Maan(me)...

Achmad is the like Saint guy..haha..always so philosophic..haha...he is the middleman of all conflicts..he's a good guitarist...seen him mad once only..that was when he lost all his research for skool..haha..

Fawwaz on the other hand...very much like Nizam..haha..very very very joky..haha...he always laugh and laugh..he'll only be serious if something bad happens..but will laugh in the end..haha...funny guy..the joker of the band...

Adam...a great vocalist man...yes adam..u are...he has the voice of Axl Rose and Bon Jovi...he has the ultimate rock voice yerpz....though he doesnt talk that much nor is quiet that much...he still gets along well with the band....

Rif...hmm...he's like raven from teen titans..haha..so mysterious..haha...he's too quiet and times uhs...haha...but he got good fingers in guitar and keyboard..haha...very determine...haha..good one bro..

Izah!!!haha....the first time i know her was from Cleopunktra?haha...she was my mentee at that time...then now she's the 2nd vox of Twisted Vines...haha..how cool?haha...she is a retired bassist player..haha...dotz...laugh very loud!!!hha...haha...louder then me sia!!ahahakz

Raja Syahrul Nizam!haha...my very most close fren....really...he is very close..and like duh..he lives next block?haha...even though he has a 2nd band,Bandits...he said they were only his side project...Mad is kinda worried but for me...i'm worried but not as much...coz me an him been in the 'band' business for 4 years people...changed bands together loads of times....ahahakz..okok...

lastly me..haha...been with zam for 4 years in band..haha....first band was Jargone..now is Twisted Vines..haha...yea..people say during jamm i never laugh nor what...y?haha..dunnoe ley...haha...maybe serious..ahahakz..thats why fariz(ex guitarist from Brave Regiments)kept asking me to join back Brave Regiments cause i'm the guy who is always serious..haha...

ok lorz...haha...

this is for all Twisted Vines Members,
no matter what,we're a band,not only that,we're a family,with joy and happiness,with sad and tears we all share..Ain't fun without each other.Brothers and Sister,we'll be there for each other all the time,hard and easy.Cause this is what we a family do.And with this,the bonds in the band will grow.Achmad the Saint,Fawwaz the Joker,Izah the Laughter,Rif the Silence,Adam the First-Man,Nizam the Blurrer,Maan the Serious-One.Isn't all of this fun?To have each other?Above this is given to all Twisted Vines.Twisted Vines,Abg Rocker,Maan

this is what i sent out to all Twisted Vines..haha..ok taking care!adios

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

hey!!haha..juz came back from jamming!!haha...adam not here today so i become the vox for the band!!haha...long time nvr become vox..haha...

today was very fun!!y???had a guitar duel!!!haha..with achmad!!ahahakz...he gave up but i think it was a draw..haha...seriously...at first i was like sianna dun wana sing coz got so many gerls sia wat if my voice like shit?haha..but then wat the heck la!!..haha

fifie went home early and she made a big mistake!!dol..haha..she take the wrong bus and ended in orchard!!hahaha...aperrda...mmg padan ngn name kau!belle-o!haha...then after jamming went to makan at alif..haha...ordered kway teow but nvr finish...

haikal...mak ah..he ate mee bakso..then ate mad's prata..then ate mine!!fuck..i was gonna puke seeing him eat!!haha...nabilla and delina were talking to the peepz they know..haha..malu gaknyer..haha...kla..till here..adios

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