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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alright here i am talking GIBBERISH again about my life.


Been sleeping late this past few weeks...And i really meant it...Really late!

The longest night was about 4 am?And i need to wake up at 6.30 to get ready for school,how cool is that?That's the shitznie!

So why have i been sleeping late?

Its' not because i've been playing games again!

Even though i just bought 2 new PC games which one of them can't be played!Damned!
No have i been on MSN chatting away!

But i was on the phone...Yes on the phone!After months of not being hooked on the phone,i finally am!AGAIN!Haha

Who i'm hooked on the phone with?Haha!!!

It's none other then Ice from Merbuk Platoon!Haha!!!

Merbuk Platoon aeh!!!Don't play play ok!They're like Rockers League...


Yea,Siti Nur Aisyah..a ah aku panggil name penoh ko..asl?tak suke?tak suke bole bla sua!hahaha...!!!!
Siol ah..bobal ngn ko ampai 3-4 pagi bole jadi gile siol aku!

Mercenarian?Let's not talk about them first..Even though things are going ok...

Syarmilla!aku rindu banget sama lo!Yesh...
The only lil sis that realli respects me!haha...
I miss these people..

Syarmilla,Mimin Spider,Bopeng,Adib,Syadza,Dila,Siraj,Lemon and many more la actually...hahaha..

Aku pn rindu ko KASMAN PUTRA!My evil half!

I'm the full of Godly Rock,while him,full of Satanic Metal...hahaha..
Saiful(Geryon),where have u been!hahaha..

oh man i miss loads of people..Fireblade!Theobusion!I.S and many2 more..


kk till here!

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hello guys!

This song is nice!Haha..
One thing bout old malay songs...

I never remember the tittles,but only the tunes..Haha..So came across that video and remembered that tune!

Updating?Not really...

Kind of tired...Well my brain is kind of tired i guess...Haha..

Maan Rosewood

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Sunday, January 04, 2009


Reen and Wan Iron just went home,now i'm here doing nothing!Haha,watching Michael Jackson's old videos!Haha...

The other day,went to Peninsular to actually buy an amplifier,but ended up buying a Shure BETA 58 A Mic,a silver-plated Mic wire,a Mic carrier, a pack of Dunlop Electric Guitar String and a GA-20 TGM Amp.

Cost me around 300++?Haha...

Alright,so next week,on Friday,i may have jamming session with Midon cause they're entering Rusty Blade Competition in Feb and they want to compile it up with me...

Still waiting for Jebat's friend to call me and update about the 24th or 25th show where they want me to sing for them...

Now still waiting for Hassan Rampage or Mr Doc to update me on the Life Records recording deal...So many things to think about!Haha...

Life?Ok actually...

Just sitting back and relax...

Yea even though there are a few bumps,i'll just be patient...

Now i'm solving a problem of my own...I really need my faith back...I really do...
That's all i need now...

The other day,Kak Dayang sms-ed me asking me out to join them at ECP,but i couldn't!So sorry kak!

I miss Anik!Haha,that mischievous little brat...
Last year,i was walking through Esplanade carrying Aqil and the Mats n Minah's were staring at me...I was like..."He's not my son!"Haha...
But Anik,oh my god...That little rascal kept running here and there...But the funny thing is,i didn't even scold him...I join him!Haha...

Kak Long's children are somewhat more behave...Haha...But they're too quiet...
Ahh!I miss them...Haha..

Oh well...Gtg!

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