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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hey...Today not much happen.....Just went jamming....hmmm....i am beginning to think that our punk rock band is becoming a jiwang band....Now have created a malay song!Fuhlermak!Punyerla jiwang!ahahakz...then we play hidup bersama....then we are gonna play apa nk dikata...We are like XPDC siak!ahahakz...then, got 1 band ask for help....outside band ah...knew the leader from friendster....they do not know to play malay songs quite well..so they are asking my band to perform for them and teach some malay songs...kewl eh..they are the Top 20 in the Asia Beat Band Competion...cool...now they are negotiating to have a recording contract..yup...me got some friends who are already in the recording business...like the Back-On-Stage band....they have release thier first album...(Malay though)...klah..thats all...Oh ya..mIs$ yOu gErl!

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Hey out there,its been a hectic day...My parents are arguing...My dad didn't came home for 2 days...Haix....My relationship with nAn@ is becoming loosen...She is like ignoring me...If she knew i love her...haix....Didn't did much today....Just worried...What if my parents got a divorce?How will i live?I can't face this..Its too much preassure...Haix... nAn@.... I really love you....Don't be this way.....please...

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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Hey yall!ahahahakz...Just another day today...so boring man!ahahakz....hmmmm...want to go jamming but no money!...ahahakz...3 days nvr online....miss my cYg!MisS you gErl!sO damN worrieD for HeR as shE is sIck!haix....cePat sembuH ye gErl!ok....thats all!rockIng OuT!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Whats up!

Hey people!Sorry for the long await!ahah....been quite bz man!This one pon my gerl ask to update~!if not!malas man!ahahaz...ok....benn a great week...went jamming!haha...but got a boit boring!ahahakz...bcoz first time no more song to play!Then end up playing malay jiwang songs...haha...at the bungalow!4 days 3 nites!haha...syok sial!!!!!!!!!!haha
me,my drummer and bassist overnite there!haha!Fish!Not a single fish caught!!haha...me rindu gerl ah when at bungalow!abeh!gerl sakit!risau kan boi jek!ahahakz!....i like the last nite at the bungalow!why?!?!haha...my band lepak2 at the balcony on the second floor of the bungalow!we sing jiwang feeling2 song!aha...me pon mcm nk nangis!psl rindu gerl!hahakz....oklah..me gtg...hear from me soon!

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

arlozie... M@maT rOck her3....ahahakz....has beed a hectic week man....okok...i will be performing at my bungalow...not mine actually....my cousins mum organize it..since she was working for the P.A at kallang....she got to rent the P.A bungalow at pasir ris...then...i am going to make a band performance.....damn hectic bout the planning....firstly....we need to get the bass drum to pasir ris bungalow frm a house in aljunied....we firsdt bring the light drum thing first like the snare and cymbals and the bass and two amp to my bassist house in pasir ris...then...the next day...we will put our belongings in the bungalow....then...i and my drummer need to go back to aljunied to take the rest of the drum....take a taxi....go back to the bungalow..my bassist and my fren will put the bass and the amps and thier belongings at the bungalow as same like me and my drummer....they had to back to the bassist home and take the rest of the drum stuff....hectic huh?!?!havent see the going home part...we will take a taxi and stuff every instruments inside....man!!!.....go to aljunied...giv them back...then take the mrt home?!??damn hectic...but my band will still do it....we will never give up....ahaha....adios....

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