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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Haha,23rd Nov,Rockers League organised a gig at Club 6 with guest band Yakamashii!

Had loads of fun but was tiring cause i had to run up and down searching for people and making sure that the event goes well.

So here are some of the pictures!!!


Jebat,Me and Shareen


Fiq Rockvival,Zyzii Tiang and Epul Rockvival


Azri,Topi,Eddy Carrie and Me!


See!perspiring like hell!


Bai Ingitionz,Rahmat Malex and Me,don't ask me why mamat is closing his eyes!haha


Boi Raven and Me!ni la org yang byk membantu Mercenarian jgk!haha


candid shot!

haha..thats it la!!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Forgive,sounds good.
Forget,i don't think i could.
They say time heals everything.
But i'm still waiting."
- Dixie Chicks

"Heartaches come and go,
But all that's left are the wounds"
- Cinderella

I'm spreading the 13th Dec gig posters online via friendster now...

So tiring,eyes tired,fingers tired.

And i'm listening to The Evil That Men Do by Iron Maiden.

Gosh!Just for one gig,i need to at least memorise 12-14 songs?!My god,like a concert already.

Here's My Playlist for 13th Dec.

-Iron Maiden-
The Wickerman
The Evil That Men Do
Children Of The Damned
Fear Of The Dark
Aces High


Future World


Brothers Of Metal

Peluru Terakhir

And damn i forgot a few other songs.

It's like a concert already?!

But since this is the last with the Original Line-Up,i'm going to make it a blast!

And here's another setlist.

-Deep Purple-

Future World

-Iron Maiden-
Phantom Of The Opera

-Judas Priest-
The Sentinel

Heavy Chains

Peluru Terakhir

This setlist is for the new Mercenarian jamming session.Can't Wait!Haha...

Like Kebayan from Spellbound said,"No Sacrifise,No Victory"

Mercenarian's Original Line-Up:

Lead Vocals - Maan Rosewood
Guitar - Acap
Drum - Lat
Guitar - Imran
Bass - Wan Topi

Mercenarian's New Line-Up:

Lead Vocals - Maan Rosewood
Guitar & Backing Vocals - Jebat
Drum - Man Plywood(Max)
Guitar & Backing Vocals - Shareen(Rin)
Bass & Backing Vocals - Wan

Notice one thing?The bassist short names are still the same!Haha.

Well memories will be memories,but there's no use pondering over the past.
Merc will start from scratch again.Hopefully by end of February,the Compilation Album under Rockers League would be done with Merc contributing 2 songs.

And our EP MAY finish at the end of 2009.

What else?

Oh ya....I don't know?Haha..

I love Rob Halford,I adore Bruce Dickinson,and I lust for Doro Psech!

But i think i'm falling for Therion's vocalist?Or maybe Epica?Hmmm...



The back of my "7 Style" hair can touch my sides!Haha!

Guess what,i'm only at page 16 out of 25 in my Friendster friends spreading the poster!

Nevermind,just logged out anyway!Haha

Now i'm watching AC/DC video on youtube!Haha

I just remembered that i need to call Syarmilla,argh!Haha.
I owe her some "Phone Time" cause i've been neglecting my poor friend there.Haha.Till the point she say that i have loads of excuses!Haha.

Oh yes!Yesterday,i didn't ate much as i did last Sat at Simpang Bedok!
No appetite.
Now?Still no appetite.

I want to have Mudpie McFlury,Caramel Frappe,Blueberry Cake,BBQ Chicken Drumlets and some time to spend at Clarke Quay to watch the sunset.


What's so funny huh?!Haha...

Yea,i know what's going through your mind,"Errr,Maan watch sunset?Haha!"


Especially you Sawi!Haha...Joke!!

But i've been sitting at Clarke Quay watching sunset since,since,since i know how to sit at Clarke Quay....Haha...

The first sunset i watched with at Clarke Quay was Reza and Ann!Haha,miss them loads!

Oooo!!!The first sunset i watched was with my old "Bestfriend" at ECP!!!!

The 3 of us Guys shared some good music,some good ciggies,and some expensive booze...Oh my god,those were the days...

HAHAHA!!Ciggies and Booze?You must be kidding me!hhaha

But yea,the 3 of us Guys were just sitting down chatting.
And my "Bestfriend" had a sickness which was a Weak Heart.

But he always uses that excuse to make the rest of us "Love" him more till one day God really almost took his soul away!
Now he doesn't even want to talk to me cause of his Ex?Hah,some people!
It wasn't even my mistake.Shesh.

I want to ride the Rock N' Roll train!

And i miss an episode of Gene Simmons Rock School!!!!ARGH!!!!asdhdowho hds3)@)*!@)$&!@)$&!!!!!


Ok then,till here!

Maan Boyak
Maan Rosewood

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Friday, November 07, 2008

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Khalayan hidup senantiasa menjelma
Memperdayakan kita semua
Haluan hidup semakin kecil
Arah tujuan hilang tidak kelihatan

Mati menghabiskan segala kepasrahan hidup
Tangisan menamatkan segala sengsara hati
Kemurungan menjadi penglihatan
Kegagalan memberi kebahgiaan

Kertas khayalan boleh kita tembusi
Dayaan hidup boleh kita ubahkan
Haluan hidup kita yang menentukan
Arah tujuan selalu kelihatan

Mati menghidupkan lagi pergolakkan hidup
Tangisan tanda kekuatan dan keinsafan
Kemurugan jangan sekali dipandang
Kegagalan suata tangga untuk kebahgiaan

A wise person once told an upset old man,"Put some salt in a glass of water and tell me how it taste."

The upset old man replied,"It's disgusting and spat it out"

The wise person replied,"Now put the salt in a river and tell me how it taste."

The upset old man replied,"Much better."

Life is not in a glass of water,it's as wide as the ocean,or a river.

Problems are like salt that taste disgusting when you drink it with a small amount of water,but with a large volume of water,its taste is diluted.

Life is like that...Always look at the bigger picture...

I'm fighting for you,and at the same time,i'm fighting for my own.
And i realised,i've not been looking at the bigger picture.
To tell someone to be strong,you must also be strong yourself.
If you're their pillar,and you've dropped,they will drop alongside you.

Don't put our problems in someone else's despair,
help them,and remember,you're there for them.
Don't twist and turn the problem to make them guilty.

I've been doing that...Instead of helping,i just make people feel guilty of the things that they have might inflicted on me alongside the problem that they are facing.Yes Heartaches come and go,but the wounds remain.
However,i see the wounds as a lesson,not as a mark to remember the bad past.

Yes i'm different,despise me if you may.
This is me.
Sorry that i have to be different from the rest of the world.

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Okay,things out to be different,must have patience!

Be there at the right time...

Thank God nothing happened...If not,things might be different now...

Oh well,things happen right...?

Maan Rosewood

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Have you been to heaven?
Have you been to hell?

You wana go there?

Betrayal-Judas Priest

You are what you choose!

That song rocks.

Life has been not so great.

But me and my mum are finally okay.

About another issue that i just got to know?Don't know yet.I want to settle things peacefully first.

I need to enter Anxiety classes...two of them to cope with all my stress that causes these panic attacks...and another bad news jz bombarded me...the betrayal...

these is life....if they fuck u...fuck them back...

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