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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hey Ho!ahahakz

today went out with sumone..
suppose to meet her at boon lay interchange..but then otw
there she went in the bus i am..so met there instead..haha

our first stop,peninsular!haha..at first i didnt talk much coz i was
kinda 'deaf'..haha..am having a ear flu...haha...sounds corny but its tru..

then okok la...in mrt...was about to sit beside her at first..then this mamat was crossing his leg..and i was like..fucker put ur leg down la.got lady right?haha..then sat down beside a skinhead..haha...

then reached penin..went to davis to buy my usual dean markley!hahaha
then was giving her a tour..she's crazy bout guitars...so am i!woo!haha
she was like eh i want this guitar..no no no,that guitar..and i was like..i only want the b.c rich warlock!!!295 bucks!!cheap!!

then walk2 summore then it rained..shessh..went to lJS..blanja her makan...ok la..guy wat?haha...then went to swee lee...there i played sum tunes...haha...nice nice...a guy was trying to do some solo to outwit me?haha..u bark up to wrong tree...hit him back..then he's out of solos..haha..so pack2 went to plaza singapura.

was suppose to find a guitar hook but they were not on sale..shessh...then she was thirsty..ok went to a vending machine..my one bucks poof..gone...dunnoe where it went when i slot it in..haha...then i press the wrong coke?hahaha..she wants a light..hahaha...
then cannot open?hahaha!!!so funny..haha..

then head home ah...in the mrt..was standing at first..then sat down...she was like half asleep...so am i..so damn tired...haha..

then took the same bus with her..was actually tired and wanted to take a bus straight home,but nvm la...jz send her...then walked home...
now i'm here irritated with my blocked ear!!!argh!!haha..chao!

Till Now And Hereafter,
Patriots Blood

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Hey all,Rosewood here.

Some of you may know that i came from Rock-Et Rolls, a rock band in Singapore.

Well the band broke up,due to certain reasons.

Me and my all time drummer will be forming a new band,hopefully a
real band this time..no ends...

May be calling ourselfs 5 Rifles...maybe..haha...

okla...its sad la to break up..but like i say..can't lie to myself...gtg...Rosewood out..

Till Now And Hereafter,

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Rosewood here,hmm,what's up with life?Haha.

Yesterday was the first time i talked to a sec 1?haha,they were cool.
This lil malay guy was calling me abg?haha..instead of sir?Cause it was NPCC
interview..haha...funny ah they...hehe..

for my musical career now,i dun quite noe wat to do...i love play the guitar...
but i love my voice too...but i dun wana play both...coz i wana be like Sebastian Bach,Bon Jovi and all that...i dun wana be like James Heitfield...coz i can't concentrate to making a great guitar solo with a great voice solo with both...haha...so yea i'm quite confuse...

got some invites to join some other bands...hah..but i turned them down...coz Rock-Et Rolls is still there..but,i dunnoe till when...coz for one...its slacking.and i wan sum hardcore action now...its so dull...sigh..

i've finished playing Black Diamond!hahah...gona play that for talentime...haha....cool eh?hehe..gonna leave behind a legacy..aha..

today going to go vivo..dunnoe for wat..jz follow my mum..haha...bored la at home...shessh....when is the damn jamming session gonna resume..i'm so dead tired of waiting...till here!

Till Now And Hereafter,
Rock-Et Rolls

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

wo!haha...slept from 2 till 6.30 pm...

tired la!!haha..cca open house?!ahaha
was the commanding officer of the baton contingent..ehem2..haha..

was suppose to be fariz...but he need to oversee..ai ya
then change2 commander for fariz..
was good man...nvr been so proud of my ncos..whaha

yes your marching is not up to standard..but u gave ur best...its about what you
give and not wat you take..not like some others tht i dun wana mention..

its about appreciating...not all of us are professionals..come on...remember
Sir Rahman?marching not good...but rank is SI?coz he has the discipline...

he has the leadership quality..so come on..open your eyes bigger...

ok...then...ya..love my npcc...love them loads...tats y vowing to come back as a CI...so is fariz..wahaha...

hmm...azura is a good CI..haha...i love her wearing tat rank..she's a good one ah...the way she walks and talks...jz her silliness is still there..haha..

wat bout more eh?haha...well...CI rizal from pioneer unit came over and compliment my commanding..wooo..haha...see la..put me in admin..how to see the tru me?haha....

i miss my old npcc batch..the stupid funs...jokes...i miss my old officers...murgaya...riduan...yi ting...king wee..shessh...


all i wana say is that appreciate the ncos now sec 3...dun be so negative..everybody makes mistakes...if u want them to change..change urself oso..now the sec 5 are incharge of the sec 4...now i see ur own standards dropping...soo..yea..reflect on urself too...as for me...still unknown post..hahakz...

hope to be in the sec 3...wahaha...so can see wat's their real attitude..haha


Till Now And Hereafter,
Rock-Et Rolls

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

it's like being so slow...i dunnoe..

but not been my mood since skool started...ya..i may laugh...but dunnoe la..

sumthing is damn bothering me...

it's so damn bothering me...

niways...ai yu once told me...everybody will have the emo of
thier own..and yea..my riteful place is with rock...sentimental rock if
i'm feeling moody..wahaha...rock!...\m/...Awie,Nash,Mus all this...

not jiwang kiak!haha...to think of it..i kinda got the hang ah...hooked up on aiyu's blogs' song about the cat..ahaha...and i'm like alamak...singing a goth song?
haha....okla..gtg..need to go down!panaskan engine motor lagi...ai yo...bwk rounding jap ah!haha!haha!

Till Now And Hereafter,
Rock-Et Rolls

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